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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Craft On: Nearly a Sock

My first sock is nearly finished! It is my Stitch Along project, a pair of Summer Dew socks from Comfort Zone Knits on Ravelry. Her design is toe up and really constructed in a clever manner. I have really been enjoying how she executed the short row heel, as it was a way I have never done before, and the heel flap is made so that it imitates a top down flap, which I really like. All I have left on this one is the cuff and the bind off, which is one she recommends and I look forward to trying. It should be finished today, and I will start the next one for my knit night project.

Most of my reading has been in Songs of Praise, but I hope to get back to my other books soon. Just the practice of reading through the Psalms and taking notes to discuss with other women has given me a deeper understanding and love for this prayer book of the Church.

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