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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Craft On: Rolling with the Punches

My knitting plans this week changed quite a bit after an e-mail from a third party publisher yesterday. So, while I have done work on Ember Days and am only two rows from the border, the little ball of purple underneath it is my new priority. It is a secret project, though, and I cannot share it with you until around October.

I wanted to give you a heads up that my new PayHip store is populated with my patterns now, and as a welcome, I am having an introductory sale of 10% off of all of my patterns there with the coupon code HelloPayHip through July 10, 2020. The coupon on Kabsa, both there and on Ravelry, of comfortable, will give you 15% off of that pattern through 23:59 tonight PST.

Right now, I am still looking into options for selling my stash besides Ravelry, but it looks like Shopify is a no go. A friend tipped me off to another venue, though, so I will be researching that and let you know.

The kids and I are really enjoying These Happy Golden Years and are more than halfway through it right now. Croatian Desserts finally arrived (thank you idiotic postal regulations that required the author to send it to Slovenia so our postal service would accept it into our country - even though Croatia has lower Covid numbers per capita than we do, and has major cities with no deaths at all, as well as the fact that nobody is hiring someone to come with the package in the cargo hold touching it repeatedly or coughing on it, and I am more likely to be put at risk from my local postal worker than their package). Rant off. It is delightful, and I am looking forward to creating some of the things we ate while we were there, and some that are new to me entirely. I've been reading it as though it were fiction.

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