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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Craft On: New Pattern and Sample Progress

In case you missed it, Vespers is now available in Knotions Magazine's August issue!

I am almost where I want to be on Qibli. The goal had been to be at the heel flap, but I am still on the heel turn. It is working as I wanted it to, though, and I have about half the heel turn and then the flap to do. If I can finish that tomorrow, then I will pick up stitches for the border edging, which will be fun, and should go quickly. I'm hoping to be able to send a picture of the slipper and the pattern to my technical editor by Friday. Please wish me speed and good fortune.

We finished The First Four Years as a family. Right now we are trying to decide what our next book should be. There is a little debate between Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and Charlotte's Web. I'm still reading Kristin Lavransdatter, slowly, and enjoying it. Amira and I are working our way through Songs of Praise with the women's study and prayer group each week. I am so impressed with her insight, and how she really engages with the text and with the adult women in the group. It was supposed to include some of her friends' mothers and their daughters, but none could join us. I was concerned that she wouldn't be interested because her friends weren't there, but she has really stepped up and been an asset to our group. It is so neat to interact with her as a fellow woman in Christ and not just as her mother.

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