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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Craft On: Knitting on the Road

I did not finish that secret project and I am still hustling to get it completed. Everything else is on the backburner. However, over the weekend, I did still work on Mariam's stocking as my weekend and liturgical knitting. I'm just about to the heel on it now, which gives me hope that it will be complete in time for Saint Nicholas this year. We had a family memorial to attend and lots of driving there and back, so I made a good dent in it (when I wasn't so tired I was dropping off to sleep). Still working on that mystery sample project for October, but I am almost finished.

We have a little less than a third of These Happy Golden Years before we are finished. I recently picked up Memoir Your Way again. It was a dream of mine a long time ago to write a cookbook about Arabic cooking as a daughter of immigrants. That has been shelved over the years, but Rich is encouraging me to look into it again. Nothing serious on that front, a notebook with some ideas and rough draft text for a little bit of the conversational bits. I don't even have a title yet, and I have no idea how to get such a thing published, but I'm starting to gather ideas and plans.

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Great book idea 🥰 the bread recipe you posted is my go-to bread recipe 💗
Lovely knitting such detail! I like your idea of the cookbook it sounds interesting and would be nice to reflect on your family.
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