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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Craft On: Working and Finishing

This week, I picked up that little mitt to make its match for a quick pattern release. It was my New Year cast on and I worked out all the challenges in it, so the next one should go really quickly. Ember Days is moving right along, and makes good knitting when I am doing something else and should be released this fall. On the weekends, I will still be working on Ascalon.

I finished some things, too! Vespers really delights me, and Yasmina is happy to have her mittens finally. I did a bit of experimenting this weekend, and made up that little baby hat with the leftovers from Vespers. This is completely unblocked and I still need to weave in its ends, but it will probably go to my midwife to pass to a new baby when those are completed.

Our reading this week is largely continuing with Little Town on the Prairie, as we finished The Long Winter last week. I am still reading Babel, but picked up my Romans and Sirach studies a little more this past week. It has been such a hard week, and I needed to read something true and beautiful. Also, I put out word to women in my area to see if anyone was interested in reading the Psalms with me, and several are interested in going through Songs of Praise, which thrills me. It is looking like it will happen in the evenings, but over dinner, which will also be fun.

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Lots of gorgeous knits there! Yellow is my favourite colour and that is a lovely golden shade. It is definitely a time when we need to be surrounded by gentle and beautiful things.
I think having other women with you reading the Songs of Praise will be really good and a beautiful thing in your life! God bless you! :)
The mittens turned out well! I love the color and the detail. The scarf is so fun too.
Oh goodness! All those colors! The infinity scarf is so very lovely. I'm glad that you are connecting with the women in your community over a peaceful read and food. I found you through the June yarn along. xoxo
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