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Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Craft On: Stay at Home Forever

So, our Imperial Governor will not release anyone in our state. The soonest things might open up, but we are pretty sure he will not go through with it, will be the middle or end of August. How has your week gone?

I am not finished with Vespers, but have made progress, and I am speeding along on Ember Days, mostly because it is at the beginning stage of quick growth. The sunshiny color is one of my few consolations right now. I knit on Yasmina's mittens this weekend, finished the first one, and am working on the thumb gusset increases on the second now.

Since I have been exhausted with depression, I am still reading Babel and we still have a few chapters in By the Shores of Silver Lake.

Linking to Yarn Along and Keep Calm and Craft On.

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I'm sorry to hear that--this is such a difficult time on so many levels!

We are still locked down too (until at least June, but probably longer at this point), so I feel your pain. Trying not to contemplate an empty summer in a tiny urban house with four kids and no access to parks, pools, or indoor amusements, and no central air. In a swamp. :/
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