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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Craft On: Mittens for May

Yasmina's mittens are finished! Just in time for Summer. There are a few ends that need to be woven in and they still need to be blocked, but they are finished. It's getting to the 70s on a regular basis now, so she really needs mittens.

Vespers is still taking longer than I wish it would, but I am making good progress on Ember Days, which at least feels better. I have taken to working on one each day, alternating, so I see some real progress, but still break up the work a little. Because the shawl grows faster, and takes far less yarn and time than the infinity scarf, I am working on it Tuesdays and Thursdays, and working on Vespers Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The weekends are still for non-design knitting or crocheting, so I am looking forward to continuing a shawl I started Sunday. It's for me and my first time trying my hand at intarsia, with a contrast edging that is knit with the shawl.

Though I am still not finished with Babel, I've made more progress in it lately than I have in a while. I am finally able to focus a little more each night when I read, so that is a bonus for me. We finished By the Shores of Silver Lake, and have finally started The Long Winter. Our winter was actually much shorter than it normally is, and we are well into spring now, but this sequestering at home has been a similar isolation. At least we aren't frozen and starving.

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