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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Craft On: Almost FO

I am almost to the last color on Vespers! This means that I am actually kind of on schedule for this sample, which thrills me. It will be in this coming August's issue of Knotions, and I am so proud to be included in their publication again. Seeing as how my production has been pretty low this year, I will be glad to have this sample completed. My input on yarn has been a touch higher than my output so far this year, so I need to get that under control soon. (If you are looking for yarn, I have been adding to my destash, with lots of shawl and sweater quantities). Yasmina's mittens are still waiting to be blocked. I am going to need to get on that this week.

Babel is more than halfway read now, and it is good evening reading. I'm learning so much! Language has always interested me, and I grew up in a multilingual home, around many international students in a college town, so I have always had an affinity to different languages. We are also more than halfway through The Long Winter, which the kids are really enjoying. For Nejat's birthday, we made two dishes from The Little House Cookbook, well one was from the book, the light bread recipe (which was really light! I expected it to be more like our modern breads, but it was like a pillow of deliciousness. It is what sliced white bread at the store wants to be.), we used bacon grease for the fat in the bread and let the bread sit out, covered, for a bit over four hours, rather than overnight in the refrigerator, and a smoked oyster stew that was inspired by the oyster soup in the book. We're having fun doing crafts and eating foods from the books.

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