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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Craft On: Progress

Now that we are out of Holy Week and Bright Week, I have returned to my sample knitting. I thought that was a good compromise with not having a full sabbatical month, but still taking some time out of my design schedule. This is more than half way finished, and I need to get it all finished or mostly finished by the first week of May to meet my deadline. It is for a third party publication in Knotions Magazine's August issue, and I am thrilled to be included again with them.

There is a story about a nun who asked if she could knit while praying, and the Mother Abbess said she could. Another nun, seeing this, asked the Mother if she could also pray while she knit. The Mother Abbess refused her. When she asked why the other nun was able to do so, the Mother answered that it was because the first nun was knitting as she prayed, while she wanted to pray in addition to her knitting. I try to keep that in mind. This project is definitely simple and repetitive enough that I can work on it while I pray. That is what I did this morning with the kids as we did our Morning Prayer service together. We use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, if you would like to incorporate the daily prayers, as we do.

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