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Friday, March 20, 2020

Flashback Friday: Brume

Brume is actually one of the few designs published after my photo disaster in 2017 that you did get to see pictures of here. I never shared the finished photos, though, or announced its publication. It finishes out the trio of sand, sea and sky themed hats I released in 2017. Cables are some of my favorite things to knit, so I found a way to use cables to interpret this theme. In this design, I used those cables to show the morning fog in winter that rises over the beach that I was so familiar with, having lived on Puget Sound for so many years. This hat is knit with a DK yarn, which makes it a lightweight, but still quick to knit project.

Brume is available for sale on Ravelry, PatternVine, and LoveCrafts. If you don't want to sign up for any of these, please do contact me and we can work out how you can purchase the pattern.

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