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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Yarn Along: Big Doings

Do you buy those as unicorn ears? Rich thinks they are too small, but I was worried if I made them bigger, they would be floppy.

Amira is back from my technical editor's for the final edit, and should be published by the middle to the end of May! I just sent out a design proposal for a winter magazine also. The MadMay projects are on needles and ready for some travel knitting. If the magazine doesn't take my pattern, I will put that out in November, too, maybe with a third, related, pattern as a trio.

Rich and I have a trip coming up to Long Beach, and I am packing my knitting, of course. The shawl and hat for Mad May are coming, as is a design I've had on the back burner for some time that is almost finished, and another that I submitted to a yarn company a year ago that I'm working on for self-publication at the end of this year. Then I realized that I didn't have any knitting for Sunday, as I try not to do any work knitting (or pattern editing, newsletter writing, and so on) on Sundays. So, I decided that if I don't finish Nejat's hunicorn slippers before the end of this week, they will come with me, and if not, I have a vest I want to start for Dominic. We aren't going to be gone for more than six days, but you never know what you might finish or what might go wrong in that time. It's always better to be prepared. I'm so excited that we get to go to church at the cathedral again, and we'll be driving enough that I want my knitting ready. This time, we're going without the kids, and our wonderful friends are coming to stay with them and take care of most of the rides people need.

I actually did some reading this week! Not too much, mind you, I only finished a chapter in Messenger of Truth, but I did get to read for pleasure, which has been a rare treat lately.

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