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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Yarn Along: Eureka!

It still delights me that my knitting goes with my book. I'm simple that way. Do you see that up there, though? That's the neckline swatch for Amira! Eureka! This means that I am ever closer to getting the pattern released this year. I had a couple people working on the top last year, and I'm hoping they are not too weary of the project at this point, so they might finish up in time for me to push for a March publication date. However, an excellent pattern is better than a timely release date. I am trying to remember that.

I made a little progress on Eve's Leaves again this week. Still mostly while Rich drives us to and from church. I think I got one row of the lace pattern done after choir practice this week, too. Only a few rows done on Sirocco, but progress is progress.

Nobody bit last week, so I'll ask one more time: If you would answer a design question for me, I would appreciate it. Please leave your response in the comments. Sirocco is part of a two part collection I had planned for the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 (one focusing on texture and the other on color). It is actually going to be in the collection put out in 2019. I planned to have all of the patterns in the collections available for sale individually (maybe with one freebie in each as a bonus to those who purchase the whole set), but didn't know if I should release each pattern as it is available, or wait and release them all when their part of the collection is complete. One pattern from the first part of the collection is already available in my store, and putting out Sirocco this year would mean that one pattern from the second part of the collection would also be available ahead of time. I'm okay with that as a preview, but I'm wondering if all the rest should come out as they are ready or not. What do you think?

The girls did have strep and we had an episode of fever induced delusion this week, plus at least one son has caught it. I'm possibly in denial about having it myself. This is all to say that the Sirach study did not get touched this week, either, and I only made a slight dent in A Perfect Red: Empire, Espionage, and the Quest for the Color of Desire. Please pray for our household, that all would rest, and especially that all would be well.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On.

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Love the red. Always so cheerful. Hope you are all better soon.
I imagine it's hard for anyone to release an entire collection at once, unless you're a really fast designer. Even Libby Johnson--who seems to be superfast---released her shawl collection one at a time. I like the idea of getting the "collection price" even if you order one at at time.
Hi Cheryl,

I'm doing a whole lot of red knitting lately! It is my favorite color, but it's been a while since so much of my knitting has been red.
Hi Sara, I didn't mean have them all written at the same time, but rather hold on to them and release them all at once, rather than publishing them as I complete them. However, I like the idea of getting the collection price early, and posting updates when the new ones are added. Is that what you mean? I might even do a pre-order price that is even lower.
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