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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Yarn Along: Success and Disappointment

Just about three quarters of the way through Carlota Cabled Boot Toppers, I found out that I wouldn't have enough yarn. I'm really frustrated about that, but it was my own fault. I had yarn leftover from another project that I wanted to use, and I knew it wouldn't be enough for the whole project, but I had some other yarn that coordinated well with it, and I was going to make the ribbing with that, because the amount I had should have been plenty to make the tops of the cuffs. I am about eight rows short. In the positive column, however, I finished and blocked my spiral hat. It's blocked and ready to send off, and I'll work on getting the pattern written up for this year.

There are 11 more days left in the 2016 Indie Designer Gift-a-Long and there is still time to join in the fun with us! This week, I have three designs to share from fellow designers in the GAL:

by Christelle Nihoul

I'm always excited about a great pattern for boys and men. This is one of them. It's not knit with too heavy a yarn, and it has subtle details that make it interesting for the knitter, but not too outrageous for a boy or man. It's sized for an eight year old boy up to an extra large man. I could make this for any of my boys or for Rich.

Tiny Buds
by Charlotte Walford

Here is a lovely shawl that uses multiple colors. I actually like quite a few of Charlotte's shawl, scarf and cowl designs. There is a tea cozy pattern that I wish I could get a hold of to make. I enjoy her use of both color and texture. Give her work a look.

by Dieuwke van Mulligen

This is another great shawl. I love the color and lines of it. The shape is nice, I'm partial to crescents and semi-circles, and shows off the simple patterning well. There have been so many shawl patterns I've discovered in the GAL so far that I'm afraid I have bought more than I can reasonably finish in the near future. In fact, next week, I'll have two or three more to show you.

What little reading I have done has been in Birds of a Feather. It's a great story, but I've been too tired to really take a good run at it.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On.

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