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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Marine Layer, Live and In Pictures!

Models: Julie Ellis and Yours, Truly. Photography Credit: Kris Emerson from Special Moments by Kris (used with permission).

You guys! You guys! Marine Layer, the cowl (and scarf) and the mitts are up on Knotions' November 2016 Issue! The patterns are free, too!

Go check it out and knit lots of them for yourself and your friends and family! Don't forget to make project pages and share your photos with me. I want to see what you do with this design.

I cannot say enough good about working with Knotions' editor, Jody. She was prompt in replying, she was helpful and nice, she did excellent work in editing, formatting, making schematics, promoting, and so on. I've never worked with anyone so responsive. (She even did a huge favor and changed something I didn't notice until the magazine had done a soft launch for the issue. Even though she had already had her "Phew, that's finished!" glasses of wine.) I'm still new enough at third party publishing that I was thrilled when I saw (four or five!!!) of her promotion pages and posts featuring photos of my designs and told everyone I knew. If you have something you have designed and think it might fit their magazine, I encourage you to submit. I'm not a big name designer, and I've only worked with two third party publishers, but I've been blessed to have great experiences with both. Knotions is definitely on my list of publishers to keep in mind for future designs.

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