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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Yarn Along: Unfinished Things

Ignore my chipping nail polish please. I know it will come as a great surprise that a homeschooling mother with eight children at home has a hard time getting around to fixing her manicure.

I don't think that Nejat's blanket will ever be complete. There must be a crochet vortex as well as a knitting one. I get closer and closer to finishing it, then find out that there is still more. There will not be a person more relieved to have this finished than I.

Please take a look at the prototype for Saint Nicholas, however. I'm putting out the call for knitters to do a quick preview knit now (not a test, it shouldn't need much, if any, editing at that point) so I can see how people like the design and to have some extra project pages besides my own ready to link up when I release the pattern in November. I mistakenly said that the stocking was 18 inches in circumference, it is actually around 15 inches. If you are interested, please e-mail me, contact me via Arabian Knits Designs on Facebook, or @arabianknits on Instagram, on my Ravelry group or leave a comment here with your e-mail address. This is a quick stocking, knit in a worsted weight (and only one to knit!), that can easily be finished by the middle of November, however even if you don't finish, but post a couple pictures of your progress, I would be grateful. As soon as I have the pattern back from the tech editor, I will be able to send the PDF to those interested in a sneak peek at the design. Thank you to those of you who have contacted me already! And thank you to Rachel at The Philosopher's Wife for linking to my request on her blog, I appreciate all the extra eyes.

Generally, I like to alternate a light book with a deeper or more serious book. However, after finishing Circus Mirandus, which I loved, by the way, I just couldn't get myself to read something more solid. Instead, I picked up Murder is Bad Manners. Meanwhile, three books I've been wanting to read for some time are languishing on my night stand.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On and Yarn Fanatic.

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Some projects DO take so much time that they seem endless! I usually have one going on at the same time with the ones that are moving much faster and save the mindless projects for car rides or for a good movie session!
The problem with this one is that it is large and unwieldy at the moment, so I really need to just knock it out at knit night this week!
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