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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Yarn Along: Marine Layer Regress

I made another set of Marine Layer mitts, and started the scarf, but realized I had cast on too many stitches, about five or six inches into it, and had to rip it all back. So what you see up there is where I was last night. Which means that the deadline to have it finished and photographed is a lot tighter now, so I'm starting to be a bit nervous. The exciting news is that this set and variation will be in an online magazine in October. The designer is supposed to provide the photography, though, and we all know that is my weak spot, so I bartered with a photographer friend and a model friend of mine and did an actual photo shoot, with them doing their work, and me directing what kind of shots and feel I wanted. That was kind of cool. We're going to get together to do it all again in about two weeks to get the final photography done, and I'll send it on to the magazine editor. She already has the patterns.

Still no July shipment or even shipping notice from my Magnolia Society Sweater Club. Hmmmmph. It's supposed to be shipped by the end of this week. I know I'm not going to get to it right away, but this yarn is for a vest for Alexander, and I did want to be able to start it once I finished a few things this month. It would be nice to give him the vest for his birthday.

As for reading, mostly I've been reading The Beginner's Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns, even though I'm not a beginner, looking for some assistance with questions I had, and it has already helped me finesse my pattern writing. Rich has asked that we pick up Theology of the Body in Simple Language as a study for the two of us. It is often our car reading - Rich drives, I read aloud.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On.

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Congrats on your new pattern being published! How exciting! I'll have to look up that pattern writing book, as I'm sure there's always something to learn, right? :)

So exciting!! :) Have a lovely day!

I got the book to specifically look at one section of it, but truly it has given me a new set of eyes to look at my own work. If you haven't checked it out yet, I'd recommend doing so soon.

The pattern has been pushed to the November issue, but that is because they are going to every month issues, and wanted to spread out the patterns over two months, instead of releasing a larger quantity in one month, and having some of them missed. This was okay with me.
Hello to the good folks at Stonehearth Homestead!

It is exciting! It was the simplest submission I've ever done. I wish they all went so easily.
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