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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Menu Plan: August 7 - August 13

I took an inadvertent break from posting this past week. I didn't have all the menus planned yet, and we had a whirl wind trip the week before, and then another trip to go to the wedding of one of our Laudate kids. It ended up being a longer trip than we planned, as our van started giving us trouble and we had to get it to a mechanic who couldn't work on it until the next day. Please pray for our van, because it still needs more work, and goes in for further diagnosis on Wednesday.

On top of all of this, we were literally at the gas station getting ready to take the three hour drive back home when Rich started getting phone calls and texts about a fire that was near his work and our home and was heading in our home's direction (though it would have had to cross a creek and irrigated land to get to us), and would he authorize the fire fighters to assist with the county firefighters. It was contained that night, but I was his secretary on the drive as he coordinated with various people and agencies, and the fire ended up being fought on both sides of the fence where he worked. At least two families lost their homes, and about ten buildings were lost, but no lives were lost. While we were figuring out if we were on evacuation or not, and how we might get our animals out, a couple hours later, we received news that the fire was contained at a dairy in a burning hay stack. Two and a half miles from our home. That was closer than I was comfortable with, for sure.

In any case, we got home late, exhausted, and had to get right to it the following day. By the time I had enough rest to try to post on the blog, most of the week was gone, and we had other things pressing on us. So, I took a rest, here. We are in a great season of feasting and fasting, with the Transfiguration this past Saturday and the Dormition coming up next Monday. What a treasure to share in these events in the life of Christ and His Church!

Speaking of which, attending Jordan and Bethany's wedding was such a treat and a beautiful experience. It was so wonderful to participate in celebrating and blessing their nuptials. The focus on their sanctification, and their marriage bed being kept holy and blessed was glorious, as it is so often ignored in weddings. I wondered if we would slip into being their "leaders" or teachers again, but happily, found that we could engage them as the adults they are and treat them as our friends. So, when his younger brother offered me a drink and I talked with him as a peer, he asked if we were, and I said, "You're an adult, I'm an adult, you're married, I'm married, you have a child, I have children, so yes, we're peers." Rich and I stole them away from their daughter and parents, and the work they had to do after the wedding, and had our kids watch their baby, so we could go out for coffee and talk, couple to couple. It was refreshing and a delight to know them as adults, and it was rewarding to know that we had a part, albeit small, in how these young men and women grew up, and they were adults that made us proud to acknowledge our effort. It was a huge compliment that Jordan said that he made a special effort to make sure we made the "A" list for wedding invitations, as we had been an important part of his life and that he felt that we always had wanted what was best for him, and to talk to Seraphim and Laurel and have them ask us adult questions and for our opinions on their lives and choices. We were honored to be asked and proud that we were able to do so without being their superiors, but rather their fellow brother and sister in Christ. Their family is our family, and when we think of the people we love in this world, they are pretty close to the top of our list.

So, the blog was neglected. But I'm back and here is our menu for the week. We have the meat from an entire cow (not steer this time, but an extra dairy cow that they didn't want to breed), coming tomorrow, so while I'm finishing this up, Rich and the boys are cleaning out both freezers, making room, and we are eating a ton out of the freezers this week. We're also going to take some time to do some canning. The goal is to make blackberry lime jam, blackberry peach jam, peach chutney, and blueberry preserves. Also, all the stock bags are being made into stock this week. Flat bags of stock are easier to store in the freezer than lumpy bags of bones and vegetables.

What is on your menu this week? If you want a recipe, ask and I will provide it as soon as I can. If there are any starred recipes, I will follow up separately with a weekly recipe round up.

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