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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yarn Along: Stress Knitting and Being Behind

Not finished with Michaelmas. Also, I'm not really thrilled with the proportions of the opening for the placket. I used the industry standards for length, and I think it's too short for Nejat. And I'm making it in a size 4. Maybe she's taller than the average three year old? Since this has been mostly designed on needles, I had sketches and notes, but though I started writing out the pattern, I changed how I was making it pretty early on, I'm back to note taking. Also, I wanted to avoid calculating raglan sleeve decreases, and sewing sleeves to the sweater, but I think I'm going to write the pattern bottom up, and have it knit in the round to the armholes, knit the sleeves in the round to the armholes, and just sew those parts together, working the front and back separately. Not really what I wanted, but unless my jogless jog blocks out perfectly, it still means changing colors on the front, where any shift is more obvious. Nejat likes it, though, which is what matters at this point.

I'm still working on bah'ar, but I haven't progressed very far on it. I'm still reworking the neck on Amira. And I have about half a sock to finish. I'm also pretty stressed out and exhausted from all my health issues. Please pray for me and my health.

I'm trying to sign up for a birthday swap on Ravelry. I told Rich about filling out the questionnaire and making a wishlist of patterns. He asked me if it wouldn't be easier just to buy myself the things I wanted. He missed the point. It's about the fun of putting together a package for someone and receiving a package from someone. He just figured I could shop and save myself the trouble.

I should be receiving my Magnolia Sweater Club shipment in the next week, and I'm not sure if I canceled the Paradise Yarn Club before the cut off for this month or not. It will be stash diving for the rest of the year, with rare exception. So far, I have resisted ordering, even when extreme sales are e-mailed to me.

Facebook and Ravelry groups are just about the only thing I have been reading lately. I did start reading The Trial of Job, which my library got for me through inter-library loans. I wanted to read it during Lent, but it arrived after Lent. So far, it is excellent. And short. Which is what I need right now. Fr. Reardon's remarks really impressed on me that Job was a rebuke to the school of thought that Proverbs 22:6 is a guarantee rather than a general tendency.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On, and The Philosopher's Wife.

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