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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yarn Along: Virtual Baby Shower

This project was made entirely for the delight of making it, and has already appeared on the blog as a finished object, with the hopes that there would be a mother of a baby girl who would like it as a gift and not mind having to hand wash it (or put it on the wool/hand wash cycle in the washing machine) and dry it flat. So, basically, a knitter.

Who should be pregnant, but our yarn along hostess, and what better way to celebrate her new little one than with a whole interwebs' worth of knit and crocheted (sewn and embroidered?) gifts? Many blessings to you and your babe, Ginny, I pray for a safe and healthy delivery of your daughter and many years to her! This is sized for a one year old (maybe up to 18 months), so it can be something you pull out after all the wee, little, things are grown out of and put away. I really wanted to get a photo of Entrechat on an actual infant, but I forgot to snag one at our homeschool picnic, and Nejat is too big for this. God bless you and enjoy your virtual baby shower!

I have another FO to share. We named this the Peace Out, Eugene, Unicorn Dandruff Cowl. Now I need to find someone in Eugene who wants it. This was a Paradise club color, and I have this same colorway in a fingering, plied, yarn (a previous month's shipment), which I much prefer. Somehow it wasn't so tie-dyed/eye searing on a smaller scale. I had intended to make a crocheted shawl with this, but the instructions were more than I could decipher, so I chose an easy, garter stitch, mindless, quick project, and finished it in a day and a half. It is a gift waiting for the right recipient. My other knitting looks very much like it did last time I shared it, so I didn't even bother to take pictures.

Paradise Fibers' April Club Yarn, of Yarn Fairy Manderley in Gothic

Here is this month's Paradise Yarn Club package. I really like this colorway, and have a shawl in mind, but reserve the right to wait and change my mind, since I won't likely get to it any time soon.

As for reading, I finished A Christian Ending, and can recommend it completely, with two quibbles. I normally don't share children's books, but Into the Sea, Out of the Tomb: Jonah and Jesus was so wonderful, that I have to tell everyone to go read it. Read it to your children, read it for yourselves, it is a beautiful book.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On, and The Philosopher's Wife.

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That is such a darling little sweater, and I love that she will be able to wear it when she's a little older. Thank you so much!
beautiful sweater and I know Ginny's new baby will love it immensely :)
What a pretty gift for Ginny's baby
What a beautiful little shrug and I think the colors are perfect for a wee baby girl. You are so smart to make something that can be used when she's a bit bigger, I did the same with the In Threes I knit.
Thank you so much for attending the shower!
That sweater is just as sweet as can be. I love the style too, and so easy to put on and off the baby!
Hi Ginny, I'm so glad you like it! I hope she gets to wear it out. :-)
Thank you all for your comments! It was so fun to share in the virtual shower, and I'm so glad that Tracey organized it.
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