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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Yarn Along: Submit and Receive

Most of what I've been knitting I can't share here, but I'm still plugging away on my Marine Layer scarf.

Amira is being sent to my knitters in the next couple days! I'm hoping to have it ready to publish in about six weeks. I've also sent in two submissions for consideration, so I would appreciate your prayers for their success. Again, please like Arabian Knits Designs on Facebook, if you haven't already. Thank you!

I have three yarn club shipments to share. One of them I forgot to post about in February, so I'm sharing it now. Also, as we were traveling last week, I visited a yarn shop and picked up some souvenir yarn, as is my habit. One of the yarns I picked up was a huge score, I was able to get four skeins of silk ribbon yarn for the price of one of them - enough for a summer top.

Elemental Effects Cormo in Coastal Fog was Paradise Fibers' February Yarn Club offering and exclusive color. It is soft and squishy, and I have a cabled hat planned for it.

This yarn makes me so happy. It is Maine Made Frolicking Feet in Scarlet Bugler, which was the Paradise Fibers' March offering and exclusive colorway. I have it set aside for Fire Thief

I can't seem to get this color right with my poor photography skills. It is a red-pink, but it isn't nearly as bright as this looks, and is more like a red that leans pink with tonal variations, than a pink that is vibrant with variegation. Anyway, it is my Magnolia Society Sweater Club shipment for March, Madelinetosh Limited Edition Super Soft DK in Afterglow. I am going to make Raindance with it.

From Left to Right: Alchemy: Yarns of Transformation Silken Straw in Blood Orange for a summer sweater for me, The Loom Risoni Silk in Brick for a shawlette for a friend, and Berroco Captiva in Honey for a design I have in mind in the future.

Amira and I finished If You Love Me, Let Me Go this week. I read a little out of A Christian Ending while we were out of town. Also, like all other knitters right now, I am reading Knitlandia. I like it, but there are parts that kind of irritate me. Like how she said that Madrona has been in Tacoma since 1999. I lived in Gig Harbor the year they started, and I went to it every year we lived there. They moved to Tacoma in 2006. I know that East Coast people think that everything on the west coast is Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and, if we are really lucky, maybe San Diego, so even mentioning Tacoma was probably a big stretch, but really. I'm a little annoyed that she felt like she had to include some nods to particular political and social views, especially because it really had nothing to do with the essay topics. So, I'm nearly finished with it, and while I am enjoying most of it, I think I will either sell it or trade it on Paperback Swap.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On, and The Philosopher's Wife.

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Lots of yarn lovliness going on over there, Ranee! Best wishes and prayers for your submissions, my designer friend. I'm learning more and more to take the wheat with the chaff when it comes to books these days and sift, sift, sift.
Oh my goodness! All the yarn is so delicious! I would love to try Cormo someday, I heard it is incredible to knit with!
Boy, isn't that the truth, Lisa! It just kind of amazes me how much preachiness there is from quarters which seem to despise preaching. ;-)
Alina, the cormo is so soft! This is the first time I've ever had any of this kind of wool, and I love it.

I figured that hat could be made for men or women, and since the color of the yarn is grey, it will work for my husband, or one of my boys, as they only vary from the typical male color spectrum slightly more than men who come from families without crafters in them. Though, Alexander picked some gorgeous grey-green-blue pants when I was shopping with him. I had to suggest them, but he liked them after trying them on, and I wasn't sure he would.

Anyway, this would mean a hat with cables and not a boring hat for me to knit. If I'm going to knit a hat that large, I really want something interesting. :-)
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