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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Yarn Along: Misfit Edition

Not the picture I sent, because it wasn't as bright and clear, but I loved the way the colors looked in this one.

One of my submissions had a response last week. I was so excited, because usually a quick reply means a yes. Alas, it was a no. Rich looked at my proposal and asked how anyone could say no to that face. Well, they have three times now (in fact, Amira, which is with my knitters to preview, is one of the designs they've turned down). I'm still waiting to hear about the second proposal. While it's never nice to get a rejection, honestly, I think these designs are solid. I design the kind of things that I would wear, or my kids would wear, or my husband would wear. And I think we have reasonably decent taste and style. So, I just put them back in my files and either fiddle with them a little or work on them as is to publish myself or send to another call.

I'm nearly finished with A Christian Ending and motivated to get all sorts of things prepared and talk to our priest about starting a ministry at our church to serve this kind of need. I finished Knitlandia. It was a fun read, but it would have been nice to get it through our library, rather than buying it. No new books yet, but probably something more like brain candy.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On, and The Philosopher's Wife.

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Sorry about your disappointment. I find rejections without some explanation frustrating. Keep trying!
Hi Julia!

It's always kind of the luck of the draw when you submit, as you don't know exactly what they have envisioned, or how they need pieces to fit together, or what they have already fallen in love with that yours needs to coordinate with and so on. It happens. I understand why they don't always explain, but it would be so helpful if they could. I usually look at the publication when it comes out and try to figure out why something wasn't chosen.

I had another no today, which was a bummer, but it just means that I will set it aside to work on this summer for release this fall.

Thank you for visiting, and your comments!
These colours remind me the sea. It is a cute hat.
Thank you, Lenka!

I was thinking arctic, and cold, so maybe the North Sea?

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