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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Stitch Fix Number Six

A big thank you to everyone who has signed up using my referral link! I so appreciate the credits, as they allow me to get these more frequently than I thought I would initially. If you are interested in learning more, I wrote about my first experience on the blog, and you can do a search on my Stitch Fix posts.

This was the first box I've received that actually kind of disappointed me. I only kept one item, and it wasn't because the others were things I liked/loved, but were not quite right in some way. I just didn't really like most of the other items. This fix actually came in February and I'm only now getting around to posting it. Part of that was our busy life and how sick we all got and Holy Week and travel and so on, but mostly it's because I couldn't get that excited about it. I'm giving them another shot this month, so I'm really hoping to see something much better. There were two items I might have kept had they been better designed/constructed in this box, but they weren't and I don't want to pay retail for something that isn't just right. One thing I was particularly disappointed in was the quality of their in-house lines. I understand that having in-house designs cuts their costs and can, potentially, cut the customer's cost while still keeping their profit high. I don't have a problem with that. It was the fact that patterns weren't lined up, seams weren't sewn properly, there were visible flaws. That should go to a TJ Maxx or Ross type store, where you get a steep discount, rather than coming as a curated style box at retail prices.

Item #1 Fate Rowen Faux Leather Quilted Vest - $78

I hate faux leather. And I didn't like the whole SnM vibe this gave off. Not my style at all. I did ask for a quilted vest, but I asked for bright colors. (I was thinking more royal blue, emerald green, ruby red, something like that). The slash pockets were good and the zippers were metal instead of plastic, which I do love, and if it were real leather (which would have cost more, but I removed all price limits some time back) and without that belt at the neck business, it might have tempted me away from the brighter color desire. But, no.

Items #2 Margaret M Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant - $98

& #3 Amour Vert Norma Split Neck Silk Blouse - $118

I asked for coral or melon colored pants. I even liked this color and, sort of, liked the print. But there was no closure whatsoever on them. Which meant that elastic and plenty of fabric was needed to get them over any woman's hips, let alone a woman who has been pregnant nine times and had six c-sections. It sagged around and emphasized the c-section belly in a way that nobody wants to see. These needed a side zipper and hook so it could lie flat and tight against the belly, or even a front fly with zipper and button, or something. They were also a bit too long, and I have specified the length I need pants to be in my style profile. I don't need elastic band pants at this price, either. Had these been made with a little more style in mind, I would have kept them, and worn them with heels.

The blouse had that gorgeous royal blue going for it, and it was silk. However, I wasn't entirely sold on the print, and the neck band seam was sewn wrong. We took the picture in a way that you can't see it, really. I wish we'd taken a shot of it that just showed the weird, sticking out, sewn badly neck band. Again, this was one of their in-house brands, and it was sorely disappointing to have flaws in brand new, retail examples. Pass.

Item #4 Loveappella Jina Back Slit Knit Top - $54

This is the only thing I kept. Honestly, though I really like the teal color, it was more because I didn't want to lose my styling fee and it was fine enough. I liked it. I didn't love it. There is a slit in the back, which is cute, but I have to fiddle with it a bit if my hair is not down to make sure that my bra doesn't show. So, that's a little too wide of a slit for so buxom a woman. I can't exactly wear it without one, and they don't make industrial strength strapless numbers for women of my bra size. And I don't want to wear a strapless bra to wear a shirt. So, I wear this with jeans and skirts and keep my hair down. Which means you don't really see that slit, anyway. But, it is cute enough, and I can wear it while running around with kids, so it works. Because I had some credits (thank you again!), it only cost me $4.

Item #5 Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top - $48

I actually really liked this top. It was a dark slate/navy blue with white stripes, I thought the dolman sleeve was flattering (more than I thought it would be), and it was fitted at the waist, which showed that I actually have a nice shape. But the stripes didn't line up on the tops of the sleeves. Obviously. I even liked the diagonal/chevron thing that was going with the stripes on top of the sleeves, but having them not meet drove me crazy. This, too, was from their in-house brands. So, I sent it back.

Details are important to me. I've mentioned before how details have sold me on a piece sent, but this time it was the details that turned me off. I definitely would have bought the pants and this top, had they been designed better and made properly, which means I would have spent another $146 on this box, which means they lost those sales. I hope the higher up types listen to the comments I made to my stylist about the in-house brands. Rich was actually surprised that I kept anything. He figured that, especially with the credits covering the styling fee, I'd just send it all back. I did need more tops, though, and I like that length sleeve for fall through early summer, as well as the color. Even though this one wasn't successful, I am going to give them another shot. If I have another one that is this far off for me, I may either wait much longer, or decide to stop for a while. This is a splurge for me, and a successful box, in my opinion, doesn't have to be filled with 100% winners. But there should be at least one thing I love, and other things that might work, and that I like. I didn't have that enough in this one. My next fix is scheduled to arrive in two weeks, so we shall see.

In some ways, the more I do this, the more I get to know what I like and don't like and my own personal sense of style, so I am more willing to say no if an item doesn't fit that. I've learned more about styles that work for me, thanks to my stylist sending things I wouldn't have picked myself, and I've learned how much the details really matter to me. That has been valuable, even without considering the items I've kept that I love. I'm hoping my comments and other people's comments to them will help improve the choices, and definitely improve their own brands.

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself, I encourage you to give it a shot. It's been a fun treat for me, and a way to help me refine and define my personal style. I'd encourage you also to do as I do, and get rid of something you don't love or that doesn't fit for every item you keep.

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I've had problems with the StitchFix quality. One shirt in particular that I like quite a lot has started falling apart at the seams and despite saying it was washable, did not do well with washing.
That's too bad. I hope you've told them.

This round made me pretty frustrated.
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