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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Yarn Along: Malabrigo March!

I'm still working on Amira, and I have one other design I am swatching for to see if I can submit to a call. However, primarily this month, I'll be knitting on something made with Malabrigo. I have five projects chosen for this month, four are cast on already, one is still being swatched. I've made decent progress on three of the four, but one has an error that I need to fix, so it is in time out while I work on the more compliant projects. For this month, I am working on a matching set of mitts and a scarf of my own design, a Celtic braided loop scarf, a lovely little baby jacket from the same book I am in, and a great hat in double knitting that puts the globe on your head. If I have enough time (ha!), I'm going to finish knitting and writing the pattern for Nashi. Here's your weekly reminder to like Arabian Knits Designs on Facebook, if you haven't already. Thank you!

That's what's on my needles. As for what I'm reading, Amira and I have been doing more reading in If You Love Me, Let Me Go and I've been reading quite a lot in How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare for a survey of Shakespeare I'm teaching at our homeschool co-op. I really enjoy the book and his writing. He only covered a little of the history and person of Shakespeare, so I did a bit of that on my own, and I'm including a sonnet and analysis each week, as well. The kids in the class seem to be enjoying it, and I've found his method useful for memorizing and going a little deeper in each passage. In my Lenten reading, I've begun The Ascetic Lives of Mothers, which has been a treasure to me.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On, and The Philosopher's Wife.

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The last book you mention sounds wonderful! Wow! Your projects are many! Way to go!
Lots of beautiful projects you have cast on! The book on Shakespeare sounds very interesting
That's quite an ambitious knitting list! Have a wonderful time working to complete it...my knitting list, which my husband asked about last evening, has narrowed by necessity. I keep telling myself that I'll have more time on my hands than I'll want once our kiddos are grown, so I'm not wishing these busy years away. On another note, we're reading Henry V in our co-op this month; wish I'd seen your book recommendation sooner!
I like to have several knitting projects going at the same time, too.
They are mostly small projects, and knit at a fairly large gauge. We'll see how many are finished this month. I'm predicting that the baby sweater, the mitts, and the hat will be completed this month, and I'll still be working on the scarves and Amira in April.

I'm really enjoying the Shakespeare book. The author has a website with some helpful downloads and ideas: How to Teach Your Child Shakespeare.

Lisa, you can jump into it now, if it will help. He does have a short section on Henry V, and you could just skip to it.

It is so nice to have multiple projects, in my opinion, because that way when something goes wrong, or you are stuck, or it becomes too unwieldy to take out, you already have something else to work on at the ready.
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