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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Yarn Along: More Hats

I finished another hat and started yet another. A dear friend of mine from college has a daughter who is about eight months younger than Mariam and who has had a life full of surgeries and health complications. She is a sweet and lively girl, who is in all other ways "normal." But, oh what a difference this particular way makes! Anyway, they are back east at a special children's hospital for more surgeries and could do with some cheering up. They have to leave the rest of the family, my friend's husband and other children, so this is a stress on the whole family for several reasons. These hats are for them. It's finally winter on the east coast, I hear, so they should come in handy. And they live in a place where it might still snow up through May. In fact, this little girl was born in a freak blizzard that was so bad that her dad missed the birth.

Here is my own Amira in progress. I have the pattern just about ready for publishing and am hoping that folks who want a chance at a preview of the pattern before it is for sale will give it a whirl and tell me what they think.

Please, please, please, if you can knit a 29"/30" or a 49"/50" bust Amira with us as we do our preview KAL, let me know! I'm waiting on those two sizes. I have two knitters for almost every other size, so even if I can get just one more knitter for each of those sizes, that would be grand. Thank you so much for considering it! There isn't much besides that to share right now, so here's the weekly reminder to like Arabian Knits Designs on Facebook, if you haven't already. Thank you!

We will be taking a road trip soon, and this will come with me, as well as a sweater for Jerome, and Nejat's crocheted star blanket which was supposed to be her birthday present last year. Good thing she doesn't realize that. There is a yarn shop near where we will be visiting, and they are having a semi-annual yarn and book sale at the time we will be there. If we can fit it in, I will be shopping there and getting some souvenir yarn and books.

As for books, Amira and I are still reading If You Love Me, Let Me Go. We finished Alice in Wonderland and have started Alice Through the Looking-Glass. My personal reading is basically the same. I haven't had a chance to progress much in any of the books I'm reading on my own. Even the fluff ones.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On, and The Philosopher's Wife.

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What a lovely hat! And I love the red knitting pattern.
A lovely hat! I love how speedily hats knit up, don't you? And knitting different ones certainly keeps things interesting. Best wishes on getting those final testers you need! xo
i liked your Facebook page.....i am fairly new to knitting....are you looking for "testers" for a new pattern or just hats to keep peeps warm?? let me know!!!

beauties they are!!!
Oh! I'm so glad I found you! I was admiring your roses scarf by Annie Modesitt on ravelry and you looked like such a happy lady I eventually ended up here. What a wonderful family you have and you are so talented with your knitting. I read your post about the Lenten season. I live in Puget Sound too. I'm a great grand mother and love to read about families raising children in Godly homes. Bless you all! Looking forward to rejoicing in the Resurrection with all my Christian friends.
That hat looks lovely, what a nice gift :)
Thank you all!

I'm really enjoying the speed of hats (though I've been stymied by a simple child's hat recently).

The call for knitters is for the knit shell I'm working on in the red. I have yarn requirements and other information on previous posts, and I can e-mail them to folks who are interested as well. I'd like to see how people knit it and put up the published pattern with multiple finished projects.

Tacy Caudle: I had to laugh when your comment came in. We were on a long, hard driving, road trip, for which I had been grumping at and ordering our kids around from the two days before we left and on the trip. I read it aloud to them and told them not to laugh too hard. ;-)

Thank you for your compliments. Some days are better than others, obviously.
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