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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Yarn Along: Four Hat Day

The last couple weeks have been about hats here. I've finished three beanies for my friend, to test her pattern, and I finished a hat for a friend. All that is waiting is for me to wash and block all of them. The little beanies are being saved as baby gifts, though one will be set aside for a preemie. I still have a scarf that needs blocking, too, so there will be a great washing in the next couple/few days.

Normally, I don't knit the same pattern more than once, and normally, I don't knit much for folks outside of our immediate family. In fact, when this friend hinted, heavily, that he would like a hat like the one I made for Rich, I almost said that I wouldn't do it, and if he answered that I'd knit for his wife, I was going to tell him that it was because I liked her better. But. They are sweet friends of ours, and they were moving away, and I had a little weak moment. So, I did it. I even tracked down the colors of the college near where he works, but I never promised, and never set a deadline for when it should be made. Obviously, this wasn't a Christmas present, but I was kind of hoping that I could get it to them by his birthday. Which was yesterday. Well, birthday month, then. It should come in handy, though, as they only recently had winter arrive, even though we have been in the depths of it here for months and are finally seeing the light of spring coming from a distance.

Here is my own Amira in progress. I have the pattern just about ready for publishing and am hoping that folks who want a chance at a preview of the pattern before it is for sale will give it a whirl and tell me what they think.

Please, please, please, if you can knit a 29"/30" or a 49"/50" bust Amira with us as we do our preview KAL, let me know! I'm waiting on those two sizes. I have two knitters for almost every other size, so even if I can get just one more knitter for each of those sizes, that would be grand. Thank you so much for considering it! There isn't much besides that to share right now, so here's the weekly reminder to like Arabian Knits Designs on Facebook, if you haven't already. That's where I put updates and preview knitting opportunities and other design news. Thank you!

I finished The Swallow's Song with Amira, and we've started the last of these books, If You Love Me, Let Me Go. We're continuing in Alice in Wonderland. And I began another happy little murder, Purl Up and Die: A Knitting Mystery. I'm almost to the point that I won't read this series anymore. If this one disappoints, it will be the last one. Interweave Knits' Spring issue arrived here yesterday. I must have been one of the first people to get one, which has never happened before, and I'm enjoying reading through it.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On, and The Philosopher's Wife.

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ooooh those little hats are too cute. i envision a cute little head in it!!!
Thank you so much! We have several friends and acquaintances having babies this year, so it was a good chance to get a little stockpile of caps made.
What a wonderful hat collection! And this deep burgundy color is so perfect for a cardi!
That little hats are adorable, I think, and a great way to use up little bits and bobs left over from other projects (which is what I did).

The sweater I'm making is actually a sleeveless shell, and more of a barn red. I'll have to get a natural light photo if I can ever escape the hold of the wicked White Witch. We had more snow last night and are all fogged in today. :-(

If you would be interested in knitting this shell in either a 29/30" (about 73-75 cm) finished bust or, maybe for someone else, in the 49/50" size, I'd love to have you join our preview KAL. It involves lace and is sleeveless, and you can choose the fiber you wish to use, as long as it can drape at 22 stitches to 10 cm. It might be perfect for your climate in Mexico. I'd be thrilled to have you try it! Contact me if you are interested.
Now hats are my next make...yours look great. I am pleased I have found your blog...will be looking at your patterns. Barbara
Your friend's husband will be pleased with his hat and I think you've earned a spot in knitter's heaven! Tania at hedgerowharvest
All of those hats look so squishy soft and warm. While we're headed into some cold weather next week, it's hard to believe winter will be behind us soon.
Hats! I love making hats. These look great! :)
This really seems to be my year of hats. I've made another one since this post and cast on for yet another!

I do think my friend's husband will like the hat. I'm trying to get all the washing and blocking done so I can mail things off on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

The nice thing about adult hats, anyway, is that they will still fit for next year. I have a couple children's and baby's hats that need to be sent ASAP.
Thanks so, so much, Ranee! Your beanies turned out super cute...how fun is it to see my pattern knit up by you! Looking forward to paying back the favor later this year. :)

I should have my the finished pattern up by the end of the week, LW, and will contact you on Ravelry so you can link to it.

Blessings and happy knitting, my creative friend,

Lisa :)
Yay! I've linked up to the current pattern, so please let me know if I need to shift that.
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