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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More Citizens from the Island of Misfit Knitwear

Here are some more swatches/designs rejected by magazines who are new immigrants to the Island of Misfit Knitwear. I really like all of these designs, and think that I can publish and sell them as I have planned them out with a hope of decent success. Even though I don't really intend to be a children's clothing designer, I do find myself doing a lot of that. Mostly because I have children and do most of my knitting for them.

These two were a coordinating set. I pitched them separately, but put forth the idea that if both were acceptable, they would make a lovely sister set for an older sister and a new baby. After I get Amira settled, I'm hoping to begin serious work on the patterns for these two to have ready for the mid to late spring. Aside from their appearance, I think a selling point of these is that the yarn for one is enough for both, for all but the largest sizes. And no matter what the news casters and politicians are saying, the economy is not bouncing back, so two projects from one purchase of yarn (and if the smallest sizes are made, probably some matching caps and/or mitts), is welcome for most knitters.

Presentation is a dress intended for a newborn to a toddler, and I'm pleased with the lace and the detail I came up with for it. It is knit primarily in the round, in one piece, and can be put together completely seamlessly.

Annunciation is a cardigan intended for a young child - three to eight years old. I like the tonal striping that is broken up with simple lace motifs. These buttons were a find, too. I picked them up from one of a couple etsy shops I like for buttons: As Cute as a Button (that's where I got these glass leaves, and the bone sand dollar for my Driftwood sweater) and Lillian Olive (she carries GORGEOUS vintage buttons).

I really had high hopes that Michaelmas would be accepted. It is a child's sweater, with a button placket, themed around the season and traditions surrounding the feast of Saint Michael. I love that the design that can be feminine or masculine, is nice looking, while still being suitable for outdoor play. Sadly, this was not what was wanted for this issue, either. I think I can get this written and edited by late August, or early September. I'd like to have it ready for Michaelmas.

Saint Nicholas is bright - almost a circus of color. The call asked for non-traditional colors for Christmas, so I made a small stocking as my submission. I knew I was taking a risk by sending something so bright to this publication, but they asked for something besides the normal red and green. I used traditional Turkish and Middle Eastern geometric patterns from fabrics and tiles as my patterns. Anyway, I'm hoping to have the full size stocking made, the pattern written and ready for release by early November.

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I can completely relate to your not intending to be a children's knitwear designer but doing so much knitting for children that it's inevitable. I knit for my grandbabies quite a bit, and as they grow, my daughter in law asks for new items, larger items, etc. :) Of course, I'm happy to do so! Christmas knitting put me way behind in my pattern knitting, but it's full speed ahead now!

I LOVE your stocking and would be happy to test it when it's ready! Thanks for your willingness to do the same for me. My wee beanie will have five sizes (newborn thru 2-3 years). I have a tester already for the 12-24 month size. I believe you mentioned a friend who is expecting twins...I'm assuming you'll want to knit the newborn size? You'll need approx. 100 yds worsted wool (or other yarn) for each along with US 4 dpns and a 16" circular (unless you want to knit the entire beanie with dpns).

Send me an email: happyindolevalley@gmail.com :)

xo Lisa
Hi Ranee,

Pattern is ready to send if you still would like to test... Just send an email to me and I'll get it to you!

Lisa :)
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