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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Menu Plan: November 15 - 21

I couldn't believe it, but our garden still had eggplant and green and ripening tomatoes (slowly), and even a single cantaloupe that was all still edible. So, we're finally finishing off our garden produce and using the last of it in our meals.

We had our last chance vacation this past week, that we try to do each year. We had to cut it short this time, because of our end of session at our co-op and a neighborhood harvest dinner. However, we had such a lovely time, and it was so good to be back "home" again. I keep hoping that this area will feel more like home, but in some ways I think that is harder for me and Rich, because it is so tied with losses. The loss of the job in the town we loved (the job went away entirely, so at least we didn't have to live with being laid off or fired), and, therefore, losing our postcard hometown, losing Rayan four years ago today. I think even if we had moved to Hawaii, we would still feel unsettled there. Even though everyone we've met here has been great, and it's really a great place for our kids. It's not better, but it is good. And we feel bad not feeling at home here because everyone has been so kind. Most people here tell us that it took them five years to love it. We aren't quite there at nearly six and a half years, but we don't hate it, and we do like it (except for winter). Anyway, today has been a rough day of remembrance for us being the anniversary of losing Rayan. It has also been tough for me because I'm remembering Kim's funeral and losing one of my dearest friends. It doesn't help that it's getting darker and colder every day.

Anyway, we're finishing the last week of our Michaelmas term and getting ready for Thanksgiving and our Advent term, so there is a lot of cramming going on here, too. I'm hoping that some celebrating with our family and friends at Thanksgiving will help give me the kick I need. Rich is such a blessing, as he remembers and mourns in his own way, but also gives me a little extra love on these anniversaries. The kids know, of course, but they don't remember the date like we do. So, it's a little private grief that we share, and some private love and care, too. I could use your prayers, if you can spare them. I'm trying to do things as simply as possible this week. Which is kind of a joke, but as far as our schedule allows, I'm doing it.

Below, I include our daily Bible readings which we use to read through the entire Bible each year. We read through all of the Old Testament and New Testament, reading the Psalms and Proverbs twice. Remember that the Psalms are according to eastern numbering in our daily Bible reading, also I Kings is the original designation, it is I Samuel in western Bibles (II Kings is II Samuel in the west, III Kings is I Kings, and IV Kings is II Kings, I Ezra is also called I Esdras in other translations, II Ezra is often translated as Ezra or II Esdras).

What is on your menu this week? If you want a recipe, ask and I will provide it as soon as I can. If there are any starred recipes, I will follow up separately with a weekly recipe round up.

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