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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Summer Randomania

I know that it is officially fall, and that it's actually unofficially winter where we live. Nonetheless, here are some bits of randomania from this summer.

Everyone knows how toddlers and small children say cute things when they are learning language and either putting things together in their own way or mispronouncing words. Nejat has a whole spate of these.

When she wants to see something on television, she wants to: Watchamovie. One word. I wish I could express her tone and inflection. She starts high pitched with the stress on the first syllable, then drops and says the last three in equal emphasis.

Also, I thought that only Buckwheat said O-tay! Apparently, this is not so. Nejat pronounces hard C as a T sound. It's adorable and hilarious. Until she says kitty.

Speaking of inappropriate things she says inadvertently, she also says everyone's name in funny, toddler ways. Dominic's name is now Dommit. Which sounds like a profane exclamation.

Rich said something a month or two ago, while we were trying, desperately, to get our post-liturgical nap, that Sundays were the day your children experience the love of God and the apathy of their parents, all at the same time. Our kids were asking a million questions and making all these demands, and we were like "Whatever, do what you want. Just be quiet so we can sleep."

That is all for now.

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That's SO true about Sundays! I hated it when my mom took a Sunday nap!
I think our kids have a love hate relationship with it. On the one hand, they get to do a lot that we normally aren't keen on, on the other hand, we are not that available or sympathetic when we want our rest.
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