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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Yarn Along: Secrets, But No Lies

Again, most of what I've been working on this past week is really stuff I can't share yet. I have eight proposals due this month, plus two of my own self-published pieces to get ready for release and/or testing. That jumble up there is six of the proposal swatches/prototypes and the blue-green bit is Amira's cropped hoodie. One of the proposals is ready to send, which is good, because it is due on the 4th for a digital magazine. I have half of my prototypes for a yarn company knit, and started on the next one for them. Those are due with written proposals in two weeks-ish, plus another which is started, but not completed, for a pattern aggregate. The last two aren't due until the end of the month, and Rich and I have a lot of driving to do in the near future, so I'm going to work on those while he drives. In the meantime, I have a design that is almost ready to release, but I've kind of been derailed by working on these. I figure end of month for that. Then, on to work on a texture and lace shell for wearing under jackets or with skirts in the fall, and with pants or jeans in the spring. I'm really excited about that.

Here's the weekly reminder to like Arabian Knits Designs on Facebook, if you haven't already. That's where I put updates and testing opportunities and other design news. There hasn't been a lot posted there in a while, but your liking it gets me more visibility with folks who may not know about my patterns and that helps. Thank you!

My reading is basically the same as last week. I'm forcing myself not to start any other reading right now, because I have so much else on my plate.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On, and Yarn Fanatic Party.

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Looks like lots of great things going on! Good for you :-)
Wow you've got a huge list there! Pretty yarn colours to work with must help though ;)
Yes, lovely color does help a lot! Thank you for visiting and for your compliments. I hope to have much to share this year on the design front.
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