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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stitch Fix #5

A big thank you to everyone who has signed up using my referral link! I so appreciate the credits, as they allow me to get these more frequently than I thought I would initially. If you are interested in learning more, I wrote about my first experience on the blog, and you can do a search on my Stitch Fix posts.

This month I took another shot at getting a fix after the last one which was so close, but not really what I wanted. I removed any price limits on my profile in an attempt to have a better chance at getting more natural fibers. Some of the things in the shipment didn't quite fit what I was looking for, and as part of my effort to be more conscious of my own sense of style, and not just get something that is good enough, there were some things that I actually liked quite a bit, but didn't keep. I'm trying to only buy things that are absolutely perfect for me, and just wait if I can't get that. Liz did my styling again, and I really do think she is doing an excellent job. Her note indicated that she definitely was reading what I was writing and requesting, and while some of the items she sent didn't fit my wishes, she explained her choices and reasoning, and I think they were good choices, just not necessarily in line with the perfect for me bit.

So, here are my items with my comments on what I passed on and kept.

Item #1 Crescent Leadora A Line Dress - $58

First, the wonderful: The color. Obviously. The cut and fit, the cap sleeves, the interesting hemline, the little peek of the chiffon underlining.

Really, I think that Liz gets what I'm looking for there. This was very early 1960s, which is the upper limit of the kind of vintage look I love. However, it was, as she pointed out, 100% polyester, and I just don't want to go there. If it had even been a blend, I would have kept it. Rich's comment was not to wear it on an airplane. Sent back. Sadly.

Item #2 Skies Are Blue Mino Scallop Detail Cardigan - $58

It is almost a cruel joke to have anyone try to pick a sweater for me. I'm so, so, so picky about them, being a knitter. And, again, there was a fiber content issue. This was 100% acrylic, which I just don't care for, especially at retail price. The color was gorgeous, though, and I loved the scalloped detail on the bands. I'm not entirely sold on dolman sleeves. I like them when I see them, but I think you have to be either really skinny, or rather small in the bust to look nice in them. Since I am neither of those, and haven't been since I was nine, this didn't really work for me. Besides that, it was still bulkier than I like my clothes to be. If it had been more fitted, or even loose and drapey, but body skimming, with that scallop detail, and had been made of natural fibers or a blend, I would have kept it. Pass.

Item #3 Mavi Kalie Denim Jacket - $98

Again, this was kind of unfair. Liz listened really well to my wishes about color and not having distressing on my denim. This was an excellent color choice, I liked the cut and style, and thought it went well with a lot of the clothes I already own. Also, this is the same brand as Rich's favorite jeans and we could wear them together and be too cute. Two things got in the way of my buying it: One being that in the time between my last fix and now, I found another one that I liked quite a bit and bought it, and the other, that the sleeves on this were still remarkably tight. I don't know if I just have abnormally large arms, but it was uncomfortable, so I couldn't imagine how it would be after washing. If I had been getting the rest of the box, I would have gotten this and given it to a friend and we could have been denim jacket twins, but since there were two other items I wasn't keeping, this was a pass.

Item #4 Market & Spruce Nic Striped Dress - $64

I think I pinned this exact dress from someone else's fix, actually. It was awesome and made me look curvy and sexy and not fat, but also wasn't plunging at the neck, skin tight, or too short. Navy and white stripes are great for me, the fabric was rayon and spandex, which is nice and feels great, it is comfortable and can be dressed up or down pretty easily, and it goes with a lot of what I already have in my closet. Rich loved me in it. I think it will look great with the green jacket I received in my third fix. Definitely kept this!

Item #5 Amour Vert for Stitch Fix Alessandro V-Neck Blouse - $118

So, I kind of love this blouse. It is sheer silk, but not so sheer that I have to wear something else under it, my bra doesn't show with just the blouse on, the polka dots are hearts (!), which is adorable, I like the placket with the buttons and the v-neck, it can be worn untucked, but doesn't look slouchy that way, and the kind of peasant-y detail on the sleeve with the elastic and the wrist is a nice touch, the collar was cut really well, and the buttons didn't pull across the front, which is often a problem for busty women. The jeans were a pair I already own, but they were the exact same shade as the hearts on the blouse, and I feel like I could wear this to a semi-casual event, or running errands this fall and look put together without too much effort. I can also wear it with skirts, or with a white camisole underneath. Keep, keep, keep!

As an aside, I think this is the first time I've shared a photo of me in pants. Also, I love that jeans and high heels are back in style. It's wonderful for shorter women like me.

I often tell my family that the funniest things done or said around here are things I can't share online. Rich's comments are the best, but mostly not really repeatable, by the way, so sorry you are missing out on his commentary. I'm trying to find a way to clean up something he said. He said that he loves my Stitch Fix shipments, because he gets to watch me change my clothes so many times. And that they should use that as a marketing ploy: Improve your marriage with Stitch Fix!

So, this definitely was a successful box, I think. I didn't keep it all, but each item was something I could have worn. As I've said before, I am a detail person. The details that make an otherwise standard piece stand out are what draw me the most. Each of these items had at least one detail like that, the chiffon underskirt and the tulip hem on the cobalt dress, the scalloped edging on the cardigan, the fitted cut on an otherwise boxy jacket on the denim, the diagonal, criss cross stripes on the dress, and the placket v-neck and heart polka dots on the blouse.

My stylist and I seemed more in sync this time. I had asked for a couple things that weren't in the box, but Liz explained why, the vest I was interested wasn't available to them in the colors that I wanted, and the kind of top I asked about was only available in polyester, so I wasn't too disappointed that they weren't in the shipment. I will just have to keep my eyes open for them in stores and online. Really online, because I never go shopping any more.

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself, I encourage you to give it a shot. It's been a fun treat for me, and a way to help me refine and define my personal style. I'd encourage you also to do as I do, and get rid of something you don't love or that doesn't fit for every item you keep.

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