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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yarn Along: Sick and Tired

I'm more than half way through the "striped" shawl. That may be the best photo of the colors I've been able to take so far. They are really not my colors, though. I just love the magic of the yarn changing color. So, I will probably give this to someone, I'm not sure yet who. Anyway, lots of long term projects that aren't finished yet were a little discouraging, though, so I pulled out these cotton bonbons and some hair elastics to make scrunchies for the girls. Instant gratification. The yellow and turquoise will become two more tonight or tomorrow.

This illness at our home has put a damper on our energy and appetites and every thing else. There hasn't been much working going on my end, either. So, here's the weekly reminder to like Arabian Knits Designs on Facebook, if you haven't already. That's where I put updates and testing opportunities and other design news. Your liking it gets me more visibility with folks who may not know about my patterns and that helps me. Thank you!

Madeline Tosh Twist Light in Peace of Paradise

My yarn club shipment came this past week, along with a shawlette pattern and some highlighter tape. I'm thinking a baby item with this yarn. Or really funky socks. Next month is my last month, I believe, though we plan on subscribing me to the Magnolia Society Sweater Club when it opens.

The fires still burn. Some friends of ours had their business buildings burn to the ground Friday, there have been more fires around our area, and over the last couple days a fire was burning that kept rekindling and jumping the freeway, leading to evacuations, closures and so on. There are fires all over our county, and in nearly all the counties around us. It's a bad year for fires here. Please keep praying.

As you can see above, I have a more serious book, A Christian Ending, which I mentioned last week, and a complete fluff book, Under the Duvet: Shoes, Reviews, Having the Blues, Builders, Babies, Families and Other Calamities. It is a humorous collection of essays from an Irish writer. It's hilarious, and trivial, and I am enjoying it immensely.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On, Yarn Fanatic Party, and One Project at a Time.

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Lovely, soft Mad Tosh colors...looking forward to seeing what you decide to create with them. Just where do you find the books you read, Ranee? A Christian Ending sounds like one I'd like to read, and I can understand why the fluff book would be nice to pick up in between chapters for such a serious topic. :)

Praying about those fires. We had one down in our area, thankfully, not too close. A little (or a LOT) of rain would be nice if the Lord would send some our way.
We had two fires burning in or near town yesterday, but they were controlled burns. I still thought that was a bad idea, given the other conditions and that we had a windy day. No harm came of them, though.

I find the books everywhere! Here on Yarn Along, I always keep my library page open when I'm reading people's posts, I check the new book shelves at the library when I'm there, and this book I heard about when someone posted an interview on Ancient Faith Radio with the couple that wrote it. There is one part in it that might bother someone who is strictly six day Creation minded, as they mention ancient cultures' burial practices and give dating for one, which honestly wasn't necessary in my opinion regardless of how you view Creation. Beyond that, though, even though it is a deep topic, it is not a hard read. It is written very pastorally and conversationally. So far, the information about history and Christianity's views have lined up with what we have studied and read elsewhere.
Oh, the Duvet book does have some language in it that I don't care for, but as she is Irish, I see it as a dialectical birth defect. :-/
Hi there Ranee. I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get over and read your blog and that you've not been well. I hope that by now you are all fully recovered and enjoying the summer days.

Scary about the fires...I hope that they are all under control now. Sad about your friends' building. That must be awful.

It's fun to work with randomly dyed yarn. You never know how things will turn out. Your new yarn looks interesting. I wonder which way you'll go with your choice.

I hope you have a great week.

ps just going to check out your patterns now...
Your shawl is so lovely in the beautiful colors you chose. And the Madeline tosh yarn looks heavenly. I've never knitted with Madeline tosh before...May I ask what yarn club you currently subscribe to? I was thinking of joining one but haven't as of yet. I hope you get some much needed rain up there. The fires are terrible. My best to you. Pat xx
Thank you for your concern and prayers! The fires this year seem smaller, but more numerous. We don't has as much acreage burning as we did last year, but there seem to be more of them popping up and being put out. However three decent size fires near us are burning and we've been socked in with smoke and ash since Friday. It's given us all a relapse on our colds, and one of my friends actually left town because her asthma was so bad.

This yarn club is through Paradise Fibers in Spokane. They had a Spokane/PNW themed exclusively dyed club. This month is my last month of it. I don't know if they will do another one.
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