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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stitch Fix #4

Again, thank you everyone who has signed up using my referral link. I so appreciate the credits, as they allow me to get these more frequently than I thought I would initially. If you are interested in learning more, I wrote about my first experience on the blog, and you can do a search on my Stitch Fix posts.

This was my birthday box and I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in it. Each item had something about it that was just right, but most had something or somethings that made them not quite right and one of the things I am trying to do and learn is only to buy and keep those things that I love, that fit well, that make me feel attractive and comfortable. Don't get me wrong, there are some beautiful items here; that was almost worse than having them be completely wrong, because I wanted to like them. Rich said he saw them laid out on the bed and thought that it was entirely a miss, but he agreed with my assessment after seeing it all on me.

Item #1 Market & Spruce Barrymore Solid Pleat Detail Top - $48

The orchid color on this was exquisite. It was lovely and flattering, and I will definitely be looking for it when I shop, both for clothing and yarn. However, it was a little too tight at my high bust, even though I have been losing weight steadily since January (and on my illness and antibiotic diet I have lost about 18 - 20 pounds in the past two and a half weeks). I really wanted more cap sleeved and flutter sleeve and short sleeved items, and I think I even mentioned that in my note. I own a lot of sleeveless tops, and need something different. Also, I think I wore outfits almost exactly like this when I was in high school. My senior picture has me in a top that is made of the same material and shaped in almost the same way. Sent back. Regretfully.

Item #2 Pixley Carissa Striped Fit & Flare Dress - $64

When I first looked in the box, this was honestly the dress I thought I'd like out of the two. I thought it was a slam dunk. I love big stripes, I love grey and navy, so I thought it would be an easy yes. However, the navy panels on the side really made the dress kind of odd. This was a cotton and spandex dress, really comfortable, but it should have stayed a little more casual - gathering rather than box pleats. And those navy panels were also textured like lace pressed on something, which I didn't like. Had the bodice been solid (either grey or navy) or had the stripes gone all the way across, I think it would have been better, but broken up like this, it made my bust and top half look gigantor. The back had a V, and I actually put it on backwards in our room to see if it would look better, which it did, but not enough to change my mind. Rich took a photo, but it showed the mess in our sick room and our jury rigged sun/heat block in our windows. The side zipper was really flimsy, in my opinion, Rich was worried he would break it zipping it up, and this wasn't a tight fit at all. It was quite comfortable with plenty of room to maneuver and fasten. This dress ended up confusing me more than anything. That V belonged in the front rather than the back, and it couldn't decide what kind of dress to be. I did not understand it at all. Rich said he was glad I didn't like it, because he thought it looked more like a rugby shirt to him. I like having casual dresses that I can wear every day, though, so I was hoping it would work. It didn't. Sent it back.

Item #3 41Hawthorn Kassidy Faux Wrap Dress - $68

This was the item I was sure I would not like on first glance. The print was a little more toward the 1964 side of fashion, which is the upper limit of the timeline I feel fits me (1936 - 1964, if you are interested). However, I adore it! It was the winner of the box. It was a heavier material without being hot, was lined, the navy and blue-red were lovely colors, I liked the arabesque, geometric print, it flattered my figure, it was comfortable, and my detail loving heart appreciated that the print lined up almost exactly where the front wrap crossed. Happily kept and I wore it most of the afternoon after doing pictures. I will be wearing it when we go dancing for my birthday. The only things that would make it A +, absolutely perfect would be if it had pockets and if the polyester were not part of the blend - rayon was the bulk of it and spandex was the other part, I would have liked just those two fibers better. I hung this up in my closet before I even decided on everything else.

Item #4 Just USA Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket - $58

This was the right style, the right color and I wanted to love it. However, I couldn't button more than the bottom two buttons, and that took work for the second one, the upper arm was too tight, and it was distressed, and I've said that I don't like that. I don't want to pay extra for someone else to wear out my clothes. If this jacket had ended up this distressed after a couple years of ownership, that would have been perfect. Starting that way? Not so much. Also, since denim always shrinks a little, I knew it would end up looking comical on me. I really wish it had been better, because I loved it in so many ways. When I looked up the brand and style to see if it came a little larger, I found that it was a junior cut, and that just won't work with my nearly 40, mother of many, curvy even when I was young and thin, body. Sadly sent back.

Item #5 Street Level Huron Reversible Magnetic Closure Tote - $48

This is the one I feel kind of bad about, really. I pinned this. I'm sure Liz thought this would be a gimme. But, somehow I didn't realize that it was this gargantuan. Had it been a little smaller, it would have been perfect. I loved the gold, the inside was cream, as was the detachable zippered pouch inside it. If the denim jacket had fit, I would have kept this to use as a knitting bag and the sleeveless top anyway, and just gotten the whole box and given the striped dress away to someone who loved it. Had this been a bit smaller and the denim jacket fit properly without the distressing, I would have loved all three and worn them together a lot.

Even though I only kept one item, I still think this was a success. My biggest fear doing this has been receiving a box that I hate so much that everything has to be sent back and I lose my styling fee, and at least I avoided that - and with an item that I truly love. Like I said, it was harder with the items being almost right and me wanting to like them so much. But, I have committed to owning clothes and accessories that I love and know I will wear and feel comfortable and beautiful in, rather than having something that looks nice hanging in my closet instead of being worn. And since I do this to expand my sense of style and help me develop it more, rather than because this is a bargain, I also don't want to spend the money at retail prices for something that isn't exactly what I like/want. I'd rather wait. Liz did still do a great job, though, and I like that she is still expanding my tastes and pushing me to try things I wouldn't otherwise. The blouse was a color I like, but wouldn't have tried on myself in a store, the print dress was something I wouldn't have even paid attention to while shopping, except to quickly pass it over, and I love it. I have adjusted my style profile a little to see if we can align a little better and made a couple specific requests for my fall box. Stay tuned and see how Stitch Fix #5 goes!

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