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Monday, July 06, 2015

June Randomania

This is a little late, I meant to post it during the actual month of June. However.

Nejat is developing her sense of humor. We were talking about going to the library and she said,

"Libewwy, libewwy! Jus [juice] bewwy! Yummy! Funny!"

Mariam wanted to buy a birthday present for Baba. But she didn't have enough money. At all. So, she asked Dominic to donate one of his birthday coupons from the Grocery Outlet (our local store gives a gift bag for kids under a certain age with candy and gifts inside, plus a dollar off coupon) so she could use it to purchase a chocolate bar for Rich. It was so touching, but also hilarious, because she was so proud of buying it herself. With Dominic's money.

Sarcasm is our mother tongue at home. The children have learned it well. All but one. So, the other morning, Nejat did not wake up well. She was screaming and wailing and sounded like the tea kettle. So, Rich said something about "Tea's ready!" Which the non-fluent in sarcasm child interpreted as an instruction to make tea. So, he got the kettle boiling. I taught the kids how to make iced tea that day, as it was over 100 degrees, and we had a gallon of iced tea to drink.

This isn't funny or cute. I'm just trying to find a good source for cottony tights that are warm, but not too thick and fuzzy, plain with no patterning or texture (I plan on wearing them with a corduroy skirt) that are of good quality, won't wear out or pill on the first or second wearing, and are available in grey or charcoal. Go!

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