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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yarn Along: Crocheting and Yarn Club

It doesn't seem like there has been a lot of progress on Nejat's blanket. I'm further along, but I really wish I were at the white border already. We'll be doing a lot of driving this week, or rather, I'll be doing a lot of riding in vehicles while other people drive this week, so I should have more time to work on this. I also have two other projects in my knitting bag if I need to switch things up a bit.

My May yarn club shipment came this week, too: Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Pavilions. I really like this yarn and I plan on making these socks with it. It came with a few beads (enough for a rather small project), an "I'd Rather Be Knitting" license plate frame, and a pattern for a beaded shawl, which is nice, but I'd rather make it in a solid or semisolid color.

I did finish one of the five UFOs from last week's photo. It was a swatch for a design proposal to Knit Picks. And I turned it in Saturday, so we shall see. I should hear back by this Saturday. I like that they tell you when you should hear from them, with an actual date. I have two more swatches to make for magazines, and a proposal to get the final editing done for another magazine submission. Also, the UFOs. And I decided to add another project to try to finish by the end of this month. Because I need more deadlines. If I finish it in time, though, I will get a credit at the yarn store, as part of our yarn club. If I finish one of those UFOs, I will also get a credit, because the yarn was from the yarn club, but it will be smaller, since it is past the deadline.

Again, if you haven't already liked Arabian Knits Designs on Facebook, please do. That's where I put updates and testing opportunities and other design news. Your liking it gets me more visibility with folks who may not know about my patterns and that helps me. Thank you!

I've done a little more reading this week in The Terror of the Southlands (Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates). I also skimmed through a couple books trying to decide if I wanted to commit. I didn't.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On, Yarn Fanatic Party, and One Project at a Time

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Your yarn club for this month looks lovely. I love that yarn colour, very different, and the shawl pattern looks lovely.
Good luck with the submissions.
I love the colour of that yarn, it will make beautiful socks.
I love the colour of that yarn, it will make beautiful socks.
I've done most of the driving around here this year (although my Daniel is now a student driver...but who could possible knit while teaching driving?); hope you were able to make some good progress! My collection submission was not accepted this time, but my Silverstar did go live on the website (!!). I'm still waiting to hear back on another proposal with them. Best wishes to you on yours!
Thank you all! I was surprised by how much I liked that colorway, too.

I made more progress on Nejat's blanket and got a good start on a scarf.

My submission to the collection was not accepted, either, though it came with a nice note accompanying the no. So, I'm going to reswatch and put together a proposal for the same design in a different yarn for a spring issue for next year.

I saw that Silverstar went up, and was so excited for you! I hope you sell lots and many people make it and post their beautiful creations!
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