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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Yarn Along: Birthday Present and Secret Knitting

Here is Amira in her shawl! I realized that even though I had consulted with her about the pattern and on the color choice, she didn't know it was for her until she saw it with her dress for the ballet. She thought I was just asking her opinion. So, that was kind of nice to be able to surprise her. My bright, beautiful, ballerina is 11! I almost can't believe it. We are so blessed to have her. Here is something that tells you a bit about her and how she is different than I am: The first thing she noticed in the pattern of this shawl was how the center sts looked like butterflies (and, later, that the sts make a pattern of flowers on the "wings" of the shawl). The thing I noticed was how one of the rows looked like a set of Roman numerals V and III, and that was how I kept track of whether or not I was doing it right.

I'm pretty close to finished with another proposal packet to send of to IK for for their winter issue. Sadly, I cannot show a picture of it, because it is really gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Which I just did. If they don't take this one, then I'll finish the pattern and knitting and offer it for sale myself, though probably not until the winter. The call for submission had a single theme this time, and it was a challenge to come up with something that would both work with my design philosophy and their requirements, but I think I melded them pretty well. The only big mark against it I can see is that it is knit in bolder colors than they usually choose. As it is based on an ethnic design, I'm hoping this won't put it in the rejection pile.

A couple people have agreed to test knit Saint Helena, but I definitely wouldn't mind one or two more people to offer their perspective and criticism. It is knit in the round, using aran weight yarn, simple color changes such as striping and some minimal stranding, and can use bits and bobs left over from other projects quite easily. I have a facebook group to add you to if you are able to help me this way, and you can talk to other people working on it as well as me.

I also have another design that I'd like to get published in the next two to three months, if anyone is willing to take a shot at testing the knitting on this pattern. Ventus is pictured below in a miniature that I sent to IK for their Summer 2015 issue. It didn't get in, but I still really think it is a good design. This is a bit more complicated, knitted lace, with patterning on both sides. I made a doll sized version as my sample to send to them, but this would be sized for an adult. I'm still editing this pattern, so testing won't begin for about two to four weeks at the earliest. It is also an accessory item, a kerchief style headband, and shouldn't take more than a few nights once the basics of knitted lace are mastered.

Please e-mail me or leave a comment with contact information if you are interested in testing either of the patterns, telling me which of them you'd like to work on, or both, if I am so fortunate.

Rich and I are reading A Jane Austen Education: How Six Novels Taught Me About Love, Friendship, and the Things That Really Matter aloud. After we started it together, I looked at him and said that I really should have asked him if he liked Jane Austen or read it with him before we were married. What a horror to find yourself married to someone who didn't get her! I took a big risk. So, that is a question I would add to my list of things to learn before marrying. I'm slowly continuing in Christ in His Saints, and still loving it. Also, this week, I started and finished Let Us Keep the Feast: Living the Church Year at Home (Holy Week and Easter), which had several nuggets of interesting insights and good ideas for keeping these seasons at home with the family.

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She looks simply beautiful!
I will definitely be looking for that Jane Austen book - love her! Even worse, I married a man who doesn't even read! The horror of it! Lucky there are plenty of reading blogs to 'chat' about books!
Thank you so much!

I would find it hard if Rich didn't like to read, though he loves to listen to stories, so maybe if your husband does that would be a way to share books. I'm glad you have other people to talk books with, though.

If you didn't read last week's yarn along, there is a little bit of vulgarity (one spot) in the first chapter of the Jane Austen book. I haven't run across any more, but we're reading at a slower pace now that we're doing it aloud together.

You actually gave me a book recommendation last week, and it's on my hold list at the library. :-)
The shawl looks beautiful with that dress. Such a pretty ballerina!
very pretty!
Just beautiful! Wonderful color and looks like it was meant just for her :)
Thank you all for your compliments! It was so nice to surprise her - she was just delighted to have it, and keeps it in my room to keep it away from her sisters.
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