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Friday, March 06, 2015

Ranee's Addiction

I have a little Stitch Fix addiction. I was telling Rich that I've been spoiled getting new things sent to me to try each month, but I didn't have enough credits to justify ordering a new one for a while. Like maybe for Mother's Day in May. But! Our oldest two boys were in debt to me, and have a job and got paid (they even still had enough leftover after settling their debt, paying tithe, and putting between 10 - 20% to savings, to be able to have significant spending money), so between that and a reimbursement we're getting for some things we bought for our neighborhood community club, and getting our tax refund so that we no longer have all the medical debt we had before (though we're waiting to see how much we'll owe for Nejat's ambulance and ER trip still), we have the cash for me to order another fix, and the breathing room not to worry about it too much. I don't want to get too much in the habit of spending this much money on clothes for myself, so I'm skipping March and scheduling it for April after Bright Week. Besides taking the financial break, it also means that there might be springier items available, because I am really trying to break my black rut. Also, I'm losing weight, and getting more energy, so I'm hoping to be able to ask for some things in smaller sizes next time, too.

I am so grateful for the people who have used my referral link, as it gives me credits to do this more often. And then, you get to see me model all these exciting new clothes. Which I know you love. Seriously, though, it has been a huge risk for me to post full length pictures of myself. It's been a long time since I felt like I could show what I look like to people, and honestly, even at my fittest and thinnest I still didn't really like what I looked like.

They absolutely check your Pinterest boards and read your blog posts about your boxes. So fill it up for them to see who you are and what you like! Just so you know how specific I am with the stylists, here is my style profile note. I'm being brutally honest here:

Retro ~ 1936-1964; New Look; Regency Grecian; Polka dots/whimsy/big florals/border prints. Symmetry, except for biased/high-low hems. Flashy skirts. Natural fibers.

No short shorts, distressed styles, or pullovers. Hate mustard color.

Want to wear hats, don't know how. Figure proportioned as 2-3 hourglass. 9 babies, 6 c-sections, midsection needs help. Middle Eastern w/medium olive tone skin.

The only colors I have excluded are orange and black, and the only prints I asked not to see were animal/critter prints, but I have excluded all jewelry, scarves, and outerwear. I have a more specific note for each fix scheduled to let the stylist know what I am looking for. The first time I talked about needing a dress that could be worn in the winter, and that I liked 3/4 length sleeves and interesting neck lines. The second time I asked for something special to wear for a Valentine's Day date with Rich. This time, aside from lots more color, I am asking for a purse that still fits my things, but is cute and not gigantic. Since I've had really good luck with this stylist, I'm hoping that my more general requests this time will result in something beautiful that I wouldn't have picked myself. After that, if I like the purse, I'm going to exclude that, focus on clothes, and let her have a great time, until I need something specifically. That's the plan anyway.

I feel like it's been so long since I've had any style other than tired and I'm trying to improve that. I've even been doing my hair in simple, pretty, quick to do ways, and wearing my jewelry and makeup more. Rich says he doesn't care if I wear makeup, and actually prefers me without it, but he does seem to like me "dolling" myself up and feeling good about how I look. It does make me feel better to look nicer, and to feel like I look nice to my husband and friends. Though, I have to say the comments about how pretty I look or how thin I look or how nice my hair looks has me thinking that I've been a frump a little too long. The contrast was too great.

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