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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yarn Along: Steady Progress

This is the middle of the seventh of eleven repeats of two rows on Amira's shawl. If I have enough yarn, I think I am going to do 12 or 13 repeats. Progress is being made, little by little, but since crochet is not as familiar to me as knitting, I find myself having to redo portions of it pretty frequently. I have basically done no knitting since finishing the baby set for our friends.

This is my February yarn from Paradise Fibers' Yarn Club. It is Abstract Fiber Super Sock + in the exclusive colorway, Pendleton. With it also came a nice little pair of knitters' snips to have handy and a sock pattern. I can think of about a million things besides socks that I'd like to make with this yarn, so it's sure to come up in the next year or so in a project for the kids or for a friend. Madeline Tosh is trying to tempt me out of my non-purchasing plan. The sweater club has begun, and the colors are just great for it. But, I am being strong, and I will not subscribe.

The first edit of Saint Helena is written and I really, really, really need someone to test it. So far, I only have one tester, and I'd rather publish the pattern with a little more input and a few more eyes than that. Please e-mail me or leave a comment with contact information if you are interested. I have a facebook group to add you to if you are able to help me this way, and you can talk to other people working on it as well as me. (And I promise you will get something nice - besides the pair of mitts you make - if you finish them, something even more if you let me use your photo!)

This has been another rather busy week, preparing for Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, and Ash Wednesday - not to mention getting our kitchen ready for Lent, and trying to prepare our hearts and minds for Lent as well. We held a dance on Saturday, and our traditional doughnut party last night. I wanted to be super spiritual and get more religious reading done, but honestly it was a challenge to do the daily scripture readings. We do have our Lenten book bin out now, as you can see above.

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I'm still in love with that purple shade for Amira's shawl, so rich!
I don't know what Saint Helena is? Like a link to view the mitts perhaps to see if it's something I could help with? I hesitate to commit without additional info.
Thank you Jen, for your comment. I am in love with the shade, too!

I do have a picture up of the mitts in my current yarn along post, if you would like to see one. Thank you for your interest - I'd love to have you test the pattern.
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