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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Yarn Along: Moving Right Along

You are stuck with a cell phone picture of my work in progress again. I actually took a semi-decent picture, but never loaded it up and now I can't find it. Anyway, I have made some progress on the shawl, though not a ton, because I was finishing up a baby set for a friend who is expecting. The shawl is not going as quickly as it did for the more experienced crocheters, but I think now that I have some more pressing items finished, I will be able to make progress at a decent clip. I'm a little further along than that picture shows, but not by much. I'm hoping to have at least half of it done in the next week or two.

Blueberry Baby Boy Set

I also finished a washcloth that has been on needles since October of 2011! It only took me an hour to finish it. Part of me wonders why I never got it done, but the truth is I always pushed it aside to get other things made that were higher priority.

This, with the soap, will be a gift for a friend

I have Saint Helena written up on my first edit. It is still in need of testers. Please e-mail me or leave a comment with contact information if you are interested. I have a facebook group to add you to if you are able to help me this way, and you can talk to other people working on it as well as me. (And I promise you will get something nice - besides the pair of mitts you make - if you finish them, something even more if you let me use your photo!)

It has been wonderful to be reading again. There was a touching reflection on Saint Andrew, which really made me appreciate the first-called brother of Saint Peter much more, and an illuminating one on Adam, which gave so much to think about in terms of human relations in general, and specifically male and female relations, in Christ in His Saints. It has been such a busy and exhausting time, and I just couldn't focus enough to really think about anything for a sustained period of time, but I was able to pick this up several times last week.

In light of the type of reading I've been doing, here is a project (almost) finished by my husband. We still need to put candle scones up on either side, but we have our icon wall set up in our house on the eastern wall of our living room. It's been up since Sunday, and I've noticed how much more reverent (not perfect or angelic, mind you) all of us have been when we are before it. We now have a delineated sacred space and it has changed the whole environment of our home for the better. We have long wanted a place to respectfully display our icons, as well as a place set apart for the reserved Eucharist we depend on out here where we have no parish. This is a beautiful way to remind us of the one needful thing as we do our work and play throughout the day.

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