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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yarn Along: New Projects and Equinox Photos

This week's yarn along is kind of a mish mash. In an effort to both knit more for myself and make more socks, I have cast on for a pair of anklets. Mostly because I bought an oddball skein of this angora merino sock yarn, and while I could make children's socks or use it in colorwork, I really wanted to have angora and merino socks for me. So, I did a little ruffle on the cuff and a rib pattern that is broken up with some garter bands, and I'm at the heel on the first sock. It's so much faster when you don't have to knit an entire leg first!

I'm also working on a fingerless mitt pattern for publication. The one up there is the prototype, and I'm not happy with it, so I'm modifying the pattern. I'm searching for some pattern testers who will receive the pattern for free, as well as being able to provide some input on the design, and I have set up a Facebook group for pattern testers. I'd like a few more testers, so if you are interested, please contact me using the link in my side bar, or leave a comment with contact information and I'll find a way to add you to the group. This set of mitts requires an ability to knit in the round, basic stranding skills, uses aran yarn, in small quantities, so it is suitable for oddballs and partial skeins, and will need three colors. Those who finish the mitts and let me use their pictures on the pattern page will get a little bonus, too.

Each year, I try to avoid the Christmas rush of knitting and crafting, some years with better success than others, but I do try to knit something for each family member as a birthday gift. Well, birthday season is nearly upon us and that bag of red yarn and the one skein of ivory yarn is about to become a Weasley-esque sweater for Elijah. I'm not going to make it quite as baggy, and I'll use our last name initial instead of his first name. This is so it can be passed down to other siblings more easily.

Here are those daylight pictures of Equinox for you!

I have done almost no reading this week. Christ in His Saints has been neglected, but I didn't even really feel up to reading the light and easy The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates #2: The Terror of the Southlands. I've just been too worn out and tired and busy. I'll have to live through your reading.

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Lovely knitting! And I can see from your reading list that you are a Jane Austen fan (addict!) like me. I just love Jane.
You have such a lovely smile! Best wishes on your test knitters...I would volunteer, but I'm working on patterns, too. :)
Amazing photos! Love the colors of the mittens.

Here's my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-141/
I like the colors in those mitts. I would apply to be a tester if I had faith in my ability to knit anything more than a dishcloth or cowl, lol.
Thank you all! It's been a wild week or so since I posted this, but I really appreciate the comments and encouragement.
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