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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Yarn Along: Almost FOs

As determined as I am to make some things for myself, I am also hurrying to finish projects from last year. There are about three that I just need complete before I feel like I can move on to other things. I have a lot more UFOs than that, but these need to be done, so I'm hustling. After that, I won't have any trouble casting on for anything else, and I will try to make it something for myself. I'm finally getting to blocking the Pear Scented Candle Shawl and I finished the last sleeve, undid the hem and am lengthening my Equinox. I expect to be finished with the knitting by this weekend. This sweater is a good example of why I don't knit for sale. While it's possible to find the right market for handknits which will pay for my skill and time, I don't have the desire or time to do so. On this sweater alone, I am already over 225 hours in on my work, and even only paying myself minimum wage, that is nearly $2200 for just my time, not even counting the materials.

I asked my friend Rose to wear her cowl I made her to church on Sunday, so I could get a picture of her in it. And here she is!

Christ in His Saints did not get finished in time, but I'm getting ever closer.

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