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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Yarn Along: Baby Knitting

After a spate of finishing in the last couple weeks, I've been working on my Equinox, correcting my error and finishing one of two sleeves - I think I will have enough yarn left to lengthen it, now that I've seen how much was necessary for the first sleeve and started the second.

I've also done some more baby knitting for some friends. There is that sweater up top which will go to a friend's daughter, who is having a baby in a month or two. Sea Smoke is almost revised and reworked for publication, but there has also been a sadder reason to knit for a baby, for our friend who has lost one of their twins and is trying to keep the other in long enough. Please pray for them.

If you missed it, I do have a quick and easy headband pattern, Fog Bank, up on both Nimblestix and Ravelry. Favorite it, queue it, download it and enjoy! It is one of my Christmas presents to my readers and followers.

I've had such little time to read lately. The only book I finished is Thread End: An Embroidery Mystery.

My stack of books to read.

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Love that pink sweater - divine! So sorry to hear about your friend's loss - my prayers will be with her and her little ones.
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