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Friday, November 21, 2014

Vacation Randomania

It's been a while since I've done a randomizer post. Our numerous trips this spring, summer, and fall have provided us quite a few winners. Here is a sampling.

While driving the long and scenic way back home from one of the memorials we went to this year, we passed a U-Haul with those giant clown spiders on it. Thus began our discussion of what the scariest creature ever would be. We finally ended up with a Copperhead Crocodile Clown Shark Spider. Then the boys decided that a great horror film could be made about such a creature that was a statue which came to life. Sleep well tonight.

On our second to last leg back home from Arizona, after going though California and getting stuck in fires set by an arsonist and having to go a longer route to get through, we ended up stopping at a Burger King to grab a snack and make a pit stop. The staff saw that we had a big crowd and gave crowns to each of the kids. Including our teenagers. They immediately put them on and declared themselves the princes and princesses of Burgeria. Everyone was a bit punchy by then.

As we drove into town again, I saw the signs up in English and Spanish about getting vaccines that are outside of Walgreens. Evidently, the Spanish word for vaccine is something like vacuna. However, every time I see it, I think it is something about a movement of vicuñas against meningitis. I never knew they had such strong feelings about it.

Rich and I had a short, one night trip to Portland in September. No kids at all, not even Nejat. I had forgotten how little time it took to pack for just the two of us. And how little we had to pack, period. We brought a backpack and my purse. Normally a one night trip with our family looks like we've decided to move in forever.

Technically, this was not during or returning from a trip, but in between a couple, Mariam told me about the 10 children she planned on having, including two named Rosie Rosie and Mary.

My favorite, though, was on our most recent trip. We were back "home" for a little vacation, and while at Fred Meyer, a sales lady told us how beautiful our family was, and especially what a sweet baby we had. Nejat, who had been marching around the floor while we looked for pants for Alexander, looked up at her, said "Cankoo!" and that lady told us she had made her entire day.

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