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Thursday, November 06, 2014

October Yarn Club

The first rule of yarn club is always talk about yarn club.

Here are October's yarns. The shipment from Paradise included a pattern for some fingerless mitts and a nice little pot of a cucumber melon scented lotion bar along with the very generous Kollage Happiness yarn in the specially dyed Lilac City colorway. I'm still not positive what I want to use it for, so it's sitting in the stash at the moment. The colors are really nice, but I want to find something that will highlight them and not muddy them.

The Magnolia Society shipment was 15 Unicorn Tails in a bundle called Color Pop made of five different colors: Aura, Celadon, Charcoal, Mandala, and Moonstone. I plan to make a granny square scarf with them, using the squares from this pillow. If I did the math correctly, that should be 60 individual variations using all five colors, with three colors in each square. That should make a scarf that is about 48 inches long, and seven inches wide, if I make it three squares across and 20 squares long.

The only complaint I'm having with the Magnolia Society shipments is that they aren't coming in the month they are supposed to arrive. I think they weren't even shipped in those months. So, September's was sent and arrived in October, October's was sent and arrived in November. Which means, I guess I'll get a nice treat for my Saint Nicholas stocking in December.

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