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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Yarn Along: Birthday Design

So, two nights after Mariam split her head open, and the night I had her go to bed in her own bed, I had to go tell her and Yasmina to stop playing around and go to sleep. I found Mariam climbing the dressers, using the drawers as steps! The same girl who went to the hospital for stitches two nights before. Really.

It's been a busy week. Needless to say, there hasn't been a ton of crafting this week. I did get started on Alexander's birthday present, which is not going to be finished in time for his birthday, but I'm hoping to have it ready for his party. It is also a design I will be publishing, which I think would make a great Christmas present for a man (or woman, but men tend to be harder to pick knit projects for, in my experience). I wish I could capture the color of this yarn. Imagine the very darkest blue grey there possibly could be that still shows some blue to it. This picture makes it look either just grey or maybe a shade lighter than black. It is a blue black/blue grey, and it is really gorgeous. This shot is probably the closest, but it's still off a bit.

I still haven't really read much. Between our trauma at the beginning of the week, all of us fighting colds, and school work, there just hasn't been time. I basically have been pushing myself to the limit on trying to get as much of the essentials done, and just crash at night. Rich and I have been falling asleep immediately after praying with the kids at night. On separate couches. Then, we wake up later, and either go to our own bed, or realize that it's time to get up for school/work/church/making breakfast. It's been a rough week. We are getting a little better, and it was just a cold, but it kind of slowed us all down at the same time, and that was the real challenge. Still, I've almost finished Mormon Christianity: What Other Christians Can Learn From the Latter-day Saints, and I picked up Stitch Me Deadly: An Embroidery Mystery for some light reading.

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That colour is beautiful! Very soft. I hope you week goes better!
You have your hands full over there for sure. There never seems to be enough time for everything. You do have some lovely yarn!
The yarn looks lovely!
I really hope you will all feel better soon!
On the climbing: scary - but maybe the best thing she hasn't lost her confidence and trust ;-)
Lena x
Beautiful yarn. I hope this next week is better for you all.
so sorry for all the stress! you have a brave girl! my husband when he was 2 pulled the dresser down on himself but thankfully it was stopped by the crib I believe...

God keep you and bring you all back to health!

lovely yarn also ...
Thank you all!

We are doing better healthwise, and Mariam's stitches are looking neat and tidy with no infection. We're hoping for an easier week this week.
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