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Monday, July 07, 2014

Menu Plan: July 6 - 12

Still no washing machine, though it looks like we have found one at a semi-decent price. We've been doing laundry every where we go now.

This weekend was another whirlwind of travel. We headed to Central Oregon as a half way point going down to visit our friends and kids' godparents in Eugene, on our way to a memorial for Rich's grandmother. Then we headed up to Rich's mom's place and went to church in that area, and went to his brother's for a barbecue. Each night, we were in a different city. All the folks in western Oregon were talking or complaining about the heat, but compared to our 90s of the weeks before and the 100s coming up this week, it actually felt pretty pleasant to us. Our only real mishap was that Amira tripped on the lava rocks on one of the volcanic paths where we stopped as we went through central Oregon. I actually saw the kids running down the paths, and predicted that Jerome would crash and burn and cry, but it was Amira we saw go down. She is our most stoic child, however, so she didn't really cry until I had to help her clean the wounds, her left hand, arm, and her right knee and leg were in pretty bad shape, but we cleaned and bandaged her up and she's doing alright now, though a little sensitive.

This week is a little more restful. We have Yasmina's birthday coming up, and she will be six. I can't believe how quickly five years have gone by - we moved three days after her first birthday. It is going to be a scorcher this week, so I'm trying to make a lot of the long cooking foods in the crock pot or early in the morning. I'm also trying for a lot more quick cooking or grilled food. There are a few repeats, because our schedule last week was so mixed up each day. We bought some cereal to eat at the hotel one morning, but the hotel had a breakfast there, so we are using it this week as quick and cold breakfasts. We have some Musgovian vegetables, so I'm kind of just tucking them into whatever meals I can.

What is on your menu this week? If you want a recipe, ask and I will provide it as soon as I can. If there are any starred recipes, I will follow up separately with a weekly recipe round up on Saturday.

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oh, to be so organized that you have the whole week's meals set!!! i envy that skill....a skill set i'll never have! (thanks for hopping into my blog...i look forward to visiting here more often!!!)
I always believe that people are only as organized as they have to be (or at least, those of us who aren't naturally organized). For our family size and budget and schedule, menu planning is necessary. Otherwise, we'd spend far more than we do, eat far later at night, keeping little people awake too late, or get take out on the nights we had activities, which during the school year is four days out of the week, at the minimum.

Now, menu planning is second nature to me, so I don't take as much time on it, but the maximum I take is about an hour each week, and that's if I'm just stumped and feeling uncreative. It's usually something I do a little of here and there, as I think of a meal or see a recipe I'd like to have, I just pop it on our calendar where it will work.

I'm so glad I've found your blog, and am really enjoying watching the progress on your knitting. :-)
Also, even still, sometimes schedules/menus/plans change and we make something simpler, or get a meal from the freezer, or make sandwiches. It's not set in stone.
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