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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Independence Day Weekend Randomizer Update

We met some friends for breakfast yesterday at a restaurant that none of us had visited before, but the reviews said that breakfast was their strong point. The breakfast was really delicious and the staff was friendly. It was a hole in the wall type place that anyone would have just passed by, but we were kind of at a loss for where to eat, so when our friends found it and we checked reviews we just went for it.

Everything was excellent except for the biscuits, which really were a big disappointment. Not to brag too much, but I make really good, light, flaky biscuits, so our family is a little spoiled on that account. When I mentioned to Rich that I had been so disappointed with the biscuit that I didn't even finish it, and it was too bad that his mother didn't have chickens, because at least we could have given it to them, Amira piped up from the back seat:

The taste reminded me of macaroni. Boxed.

That's my girl!

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