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Friday, May 30, 2014

San Antonio Yarn

Here are those yarn pictures, as promised. The yarn shop had lots of lovely yarns, but I think that Middleford in Medford, OR still wins for being the best, most knitter friendly, welcoming, everyone knows your name, sort of yarn shop I've ever visited.

Because we didn't rent a car (we were on the Riverwalk, and most of our events were there, as were many restaurants and the Alamo and other sites), I had to brave the bus. When I got change at a CVS for the bus, and the lady heard why I needed it, she told me I was brave, because there were lots of creepy people on the bus and even she, a local, never took it. That built my confidence right up. But, it wasn't too bad at all. We made it there and back with only one real creep sighting, and he was fixated on someone else.

In any case, there were two yarn stores there that I could find, but I only went to one. I wish I had taken the effort and time to visit the second one, which was a little closer to our hotel, but I had limited time and was reliant on public transportation, so it just didn't happen. The first yarn shop looked a little more promising, but now I'm wondering what the other would have been like. Maybe on our next trip.

Here is the most beautiful blue sock yarn. I used to hate it when styles or colors or songs or whatever I liked were popular, because it meant that it looked like I was following the crowd. Now, I'm just glad that it makes them more widely accessible.


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