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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yarn Along: Finished for Fesah'

I was this close to finishing Yasmina's shoulder shrug in time for the vigil, but didn't. She will have it for the final day of the Paschal Octave, though. It's hard to see the silver in this picture, but there is silver thread mixed in with the blue on Yasmina's shrug. Amira wore the spencer that a friend made for her, Mariam wore her shrug, and so did Nejat. I'm hoping to have a photo of all of the kids in their Paschal finery after Sunday, and the girls modeling their jackets.

I have more details for Yasmina's, Mariam's, and Nejat's shrugs for those who are interested.

I'm excited because it looks like someone has this yarn and can send it to me, so this should be finished within a few weeks. I've been so close for so long and can't wait for it to be completed.

I've picked up a little light reading this week, but nothing to take note of really.

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What beautiful shrugs and really pretty colours.
Thank you! I really like them. I should not have started them 12 days before the vigil, though!
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