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Friday, April 25, 2014

Updates from the Randomizer Files

1. I'm not so sure I will be posting a photo of the kids in their Paschal finery. We had an incident with scissors yesterday. If I post the photo, it might be with their heads cropped out of the picture.

2. We need a new strategy for finding seats at the Paschal Vigil. We get there early, we don't get seats. We get there late, we don't get seats. Three of us (four with Nejat in my arms) were able to sit on the organ bench in the choir loft, everyone else stood. So, my plan for next year is to head straight to the cry room. We normally avoid that place as it was placed somewhere around the sixth circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno, but we could probably take it over, and keep the screaming, running, door slamming inmates out by our presence.

3. On that note, when we returned from the vigil, I had each of the children take two thorns out of our crown of thorns for "not being like those children in the loft with us." Running up and down the stairs, stomping, yelling, banging on everything. We are a church that welcomes children in the services. A certain amount of noise is expected, especially from babies and toddlers. This was far beyond that. This was parentally sanctioned with parents who thought it was "cute." And who sugared up their kids before the fast was broken and before the Eucharist and before the vigil began. Meanwhile, every one of our children was quieter, even Nejat who was having a hard time going to sleep and was too hot upstairs and cried a little. Our children either participated as they could, or used their blankets to rest during the service. I am thankful to God for their good public behavior.

4. Jerome was telling us a story on Fesah' about something that his sisters were doing. He started by saying "Mariam and Jerome were..." Now, his voice is almost identical to Yasmina's, but we didn't think it confused even him.

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