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Friday, March 21, 2014

Yarn Along: The Sick Edition

Since we last met, we had a horrifying stomach illness come into our household. Glory to God that Nejat did not get it, as she would have ended up in the hospital. I have gotten very little accomplished either in reading or with yarn.

Since Elijah's birthday is coming up, and we weren't sure if his present would arrive in time, I hustled to make sure this would be finished in time. I figure I can get it finished this weekend and have it wrapped up in time. It's a pretty simple pattern, I found here, but I think I'm still messing it up - my crochet skills aren't nearly what my knitting skills are. Elijah likes how it looks, though. I'm using bits and bobs of yarn from my partial skein basket that he chose.

I took some more time with Christ in His Saints, which is an excellent book. Even the first chapter has given me so much to think and meditate on in my faith. It is thought provoking and enriching for the spirit. This isn't the only book I've delved into since last time, but it is the one that I am enjoying the most. There is another book I'm reading, and while I enjoy the story, I do not like the political and social message it's blasting, especially as it is aimed at young people. Fr. Reardon, however, has a message that is direct and not underhanded, it is uplifting and challenging, I really look forward to finishing this.

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